Saturday, August 23, 2008

What will Mangum do?

A book is to be published in October by the Duke hoax false accuser Crystal Mangum.

There’s understandably a good deal of concern among fair-minded people that Mangum will use the book to reprise her lies which did such great harm to many innocent people.

In the same Apr. 11, 2007 press conference in which he told us the three players were innocent and there’d never been any credible evidence of their guilt, NC Attorney General Roy Cooper said some in his office thought Mangum might actually believe some of what she’d charged and that she still wished to pursue the charges even then.

So it’s certainly possible we’ll get a reprise of her lies.

But it’s also possible we might get a surprise.

Let me tell you why I say that:

From March 2006 at least through December 2006 Mangum demonstrated some capacity to cooperate in a plan we know was an elaborate frame-up attempt.

She gave an interview to the N&O and only to the hoax-enabling N&O. She kept showing up for photo ID sessions until Nifong and certain DPD officers and their supervisors arranged the “no wrong choices” ID session. She wrote out a statement that fit the frame-up script. And in December she met with Linwood Wilson and “adjusted” or went along with an “adjustment” to her story intended to sustain the frame-up attempt.

I’m confident she allowed herself to be “coached.” It wasn’t just happenstance, for example, that she gave only the N&O an interview.

Had she given more than one press interview, heaven only knows what wild embellishments we’d have heard.

Someone or some people told her “your story is ‘out there’ now” and not to speak to any of the other media trying to interview her. Another news organization would likely not “tidy up” the interview the way the N&O did.

Mangum followed that advice.

Like most of you, I think she persisted in long-term, goal-directed behavior and allowed herself to be “coached” because of a powerful motivator: the money she expected to collect from the players.

Now, if today Mangum’s no worse off as regards her chronic problems than in 2006, then she’s open to “coaching” and can follow a plan she thinks will lead to money.

If you allow that Mangum’s prime motive is money, would she and her “coaches’ really write (lend her name to) a book that tries to further victimize the lacrosse players and possibly make the case for a suit against them?

Wouldn’t that be foolish?

The players have the evidence (or really lack thereof), brilliant legal counsel and impressive financial resources on their side. She has none of them.

The last thing Mangum should do is anything that’ll antagonize the players, their families and attorneys. (And the blog hooligans)

Her best move as regards the players is to say she remembers a foggy night in Durham town followed by lots of police interviews and all those photos of white boys (“Gee, this is hard.”) and her Duke medical records showing “blunt force trauma” and so on.

Mangum should say that looking back on it all now, she’s sorry for what the players went through.

What’s more, while at the time she had lots of mental health and drug dependence problems, she doubts she would ever have persisted in her wild tales but for the police, the DA, the N&O, the “outpouring of support from Duke faculty, the NAACP and ‘community activists,’” and what she thought her Duke patient records showed, but which she now knows were false.

Folks, you see where I’m going, don’t you?

Are the people “coaching” Mangum smart enough to know they don’t want attorneys of the caliber of Brendan Sullivan, Barry Scheck, Charles Cooper and Bob Ekstrand turning on Mangum and, for practical purposes, them?

You’d have to be pretty dumb not to.

On the other hand, if a woman who should have been told in March 2006 “Get thee to a mental health clinic while Social Services takes temporary custody of your children,” was instead told, “We’ll come pick you up and bring you to headquarters for some more photo ID’ing,” might she not wonder now in a more sober frame of mind whether she was really mistreated by Durham City Police?

And might she not say maybe she’s owed something for being mistreated “just like those white lacrosse boys who all look alike?”

And then there’s Duke’s (Levicy’s) treatment of Mangum’s medical records and the false statements made about her medical condition.

When health professionals employed by a medical center make false statements about how you presented in the ER and about your medical records, do you have some cause of action against the professionals and the medical center?

Folks, the thoughts I’ve put down here today have been going through my head for a long time.


Brant Jones said...

I agree it would be a shrewd move to argue she was the victim of nefarious members of the white establishment. I think, however, she will continue to be victimized by those who still see signs of life($) in their pawn.

TruthHurts001 said...


It is my opinion that you are giving Crystal Mangum credit for having WAY MORE intelligence than she actually has. Although I hope you are right, I believe your theory is preposterous.

A much more likely scenario...

A black wanna-be book publisher who knows nothing about actually publishing books, but is observant enough to notice that certain racy, prurient, black-themed books sell like hotcakes to millions of black readers...(see Confessions Of A Video Vixen by Karrine Steffens)

Said book publisher also recognizes the willingness of the "black community" to support and stand by black celebrity-criminals who they WANT TO BELIEVE have been wrongly treated by the "racist justice system"...(see OJ Simpson, R Kelly, Mike Vick, etc)

Said book publisher convinces Mangum that there are a lot of people who still believe in her, that she was indeed raped by the rich white boys and then discarded by the racist justice system, and would love to hear the "truth" straight from her mouth, in the form of a tell-all book. Mangum, sensing easy money, would jump at the chance.

To date, Mangum has not been held accountable or punished for any of her lies, so why in the world would she be reluctant tell more lies, particularly if she believes she's going to make big money??

Anonymous said...

I hope she goes for payday from the deepest pockets in town - DUMC, Durham, and the cops. Your alternative idea would make the best book and the most moolah.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, it would be incredibly stupid to tell more lies about those she caused such harm to with her original lie. They have been truly gracious and restrained in their reactions toward her up to this point. If she thinks she's been 'drug through the mud' so far, she has no idea how much worse it could get. Even the kindest, most sympatheic people have their limits and her 'victims' are fighters. I'd hate to see them have to do it but this would be a much easier battle than the one they already won.

The reality is, based on the press release, these are not smart people.

Anonymous said...

N&O Editors Blog..Mental Health Thread

Here's a story, a local story about mental health, that you are missing big time. The mentally-ill stripper-prostitute who made a living hell of the lives of many innocent families (with your early enthusiastic help as you "shaped" her first propanganda interview)...well, not only has she graduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE from NCCU...she is now writing a book!

She was too mentally deranged to be held accountacle for the crime of false accusation that she persisted in for over a year. But not so mentally deranged to receive a diploma in "criminal justice." of all things. She swanned down the graduation aisle with a smile on her face that was denied to the INNOCENT young men and their families because of her criminal LIES in 2006. But now, she is back to pimp a book to use their pain for more dirty money.

That you continue to cover for this woman is a stunning admission of the bias and twisted coverage of this newspaper. It says something about how your "minds" allow this felon who has twice accused men of both races of raping her to use the "mental health" a weapon in continuation of her crimes.

If she were white and a Duke student smearing INNOCENT young men from NCCU...would you turn your eyes away from this outrage?