Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is Caroline Kennedy Obama’s VP pick?

It’s being talked about in the Hamptons and at the Cape.

And at Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds passes on the thoughts of:

READER KEVIN GREEN [who] thinks he knows who Obama wants for VP: "Obama has chosen Caroline Kennedy to be his running mate in a bid to include a woman who is not Hillary Clinton. Kennedy is the only woman Democrats would accept who is not Hillary." Hmm.
Obama’s selection of Caroline Kennedy as his running mate would be more exciting to Obama’s media and core Democrats (“I love Harry Reid for saying the war was lost.”) than was John Kerry’s pick of John Edwards was in ’04. (Remember most MSM hyping the Kerry-Edwards “instant compatibility” and “perfect balance?” Little did we all know.).

They'd certainly be a huge MSM generated "gush-rush" when Caroline Kennedy was nominated.

Who knows how far up his leg Chris Matthews will say "the feeling" went this time?

But once most Americans learn Caroline Kennedy doesn’t read a teleprompter nearly as well as Obama does and, what's worse, without one is even more gaffe prone than he is, enthusiasm will cool just about everywhere except at the DNC, NBC, NPR, NYT, LAT and other such places.

And what do you think will happen when Greens find out she doesn’t like wind energy.

Well, at least not if it means anything that comes within 50 miles of her family’s coastal properties on Cape Cod and her own and her family’s coastal properties in the Hamptons.

Obama's going to have enough problems with “KKK – America” and “God damn America” without adding to them: “And God damn wind farms off the coast of properties Caroline Kennedy, Uncle Ted, and the rest of the family own.”


Anonymous said...

Kennedy does nothing to address the core problem that many voters have with Obama - the lack of experience. All the Democratic puffery about Dan Quayle's lack of experience would come back to bite them in the rear should Kennedy be the choice. While she does hae a law degree, has written several books, and has served on many boards and commissions - what responsibile job has she held where she has set policy and been responsible to an elected body?
The only thing she would bring to ab Obama candidacy would be to further "bullet proof" Obama from any criticism from the msm because they would consider it unseemly to attack the daughter of JFk and Jackie with whom they are stil in love. It would also make it difficult for the Clintons not to go out and actively support the ticket because they would be perceived as churlish not to do so enthusiastically with a Kennedy aboard. Hoever, all this does nothing for the vast numbers of independents who are seriously concerned about this election. The possibility of having two inexperienced people in the White House and a sycophantic media which will be unwillingly to serve as a watchdog would give those elements in the Democratic party who desire to make this a socialist republic the pass that they would need to accomplish that goal (but of course insuring that those in power will keep their fortunes and amass even more at the expense of the working middle class).

wingnut said...

If Barack Obama selects Caroline Kennedy, It would be like amateur hour at the local strip club. Neither is qualified.