Thursday, August 21, 2008

A French news org reports Obama's charges

Agence France- Presse reported yesterday:

Barack Obama savaged his Republican rival John McCain Wednesday for running a dishonorable campaign that aides to the Democrat said smacked of "reckless" desperation.

In some of the most vehement attacks yet heaped on the Arizona senator by the Obama camp during this White House campaign, the Illinois senator said he honored McCain's public service but not the manner of his electioneering.

Coinciding with a new poll suggesting McCain has overhauled Obama among voters nationally, Obama's senior foreign policy adviser Susan Rice portrayed the Republican as a hot-head who could not be trusted to stay cool under fire.

McCain's "tendency is to shoot first and to ask questions later," she said on a conference call alongside former White House anti-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke, who called the Republican "trigger-happy" and "reckless." …
Is what we've just read the “new politics” from the “Yes, we can” candidate who says he's “post-racial?”


IMO Sen. Obama sounds just like what his old friend and mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, called "a typical politician."

AFP's story ends:
Obama argues McCain wants to keep US troops bogged down indefinitely in Iraq, and has vowed to begin troop withdrawals with the goal of getting most US combat soldiers out of the country within 16 months.

On Tuesday, Obama complained at what he views as slanders on his patriotism, after McCain said the day before that the Democrat had put his personal political ambition before US national interests on Iraq policy.

"Let me be clear: I will let no one question my love of this country," Obama said in North Carolina.
Whose questioning Obama’s patriotism? If he mentioned anyone by name and specific comment, I missed it.

What about you? The entire story's here.

Is Obama once again engaging in another of his "they're injecting" claims without anything specific or substantial to back his vicious charges?

Is there anyone reading this who doesn't know it's Obama's judgment and lack of experience people are questioning?

You know: all 57 states. That's "above my pay grade." And grandma is a "typical white person."

A few closing thoughts: here in North Carolina a lot of people don’t buy the line that he and Michelle Obama never heard any of the vile racism and anti-Americanism that's spewed forth from Rev. Jeremiah Wright for decades.

We wonder why they attended his church for almost 20 years.

We wonder why they brought their children to Wright’s church for religious instruction.

And most of us don’t like being called racists for wondering about those things.

We hope the Obamas will answer those questions.


Anonymous said...

The only people asking those pertinent questions are those whom St. Barack considers beneath his "pay grade." And I am kept puzzled over St. Barack's inordinate fear of Fox News. Even the Clintonistas have given Fox good marks for being fair and balanced. It must be that those pesky folks at Fox just ask too many personal questions and St. Barack chooses to answer only the really important ones like who is and who isn't racist. The presumptive Democrat candidate has become a self-parody.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

WHAT? Do you mean to tell me John McCain is still running for president of the United States? It seems like only yesterday McCain declared he was a Georgian.


Let me explain something about FOX News - they are presenting the world through neocon colored glasses. What is it about neocon vs conservative vs liberal that you don't understand? (I doubt there is much you do not understand.) Why should Obama go into the lion's den? He is doing so well with MSNBC, Time Magazine, and so on...