Thursday, August 21, 2008

If you were OK with "Bush = Hitler"

and you weren't upset when Democratic Congressman Pete Stark on the floor of the House said President Bush liked seeing our troops in Iraq "having their heads blown off,"

and you weren't bothered when Democratic Senator Dick Durbin compared our military's management of Gitmo to the Nazis running concentration camps,

and you agreed with those Democrats who said with all seriousness that Senator McCain's military service actually made him less qualified to be President,

than you are not going to like this video a JinC Regular found at You Tube.

Most of the rest of you will likely wind up LOL.

Hat tip: AC


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Anonymous said...

You are right and correct!

Anonymous said...

John -

You might want to take a look at Stanley Kurz's article in the current print issue of National Review, titled, Senator Stealth (Sept. 1, 2008, Vol. 60, no. 16, p. 32). Apparently, there is a stealth left-wing organization called Gamliel with which St. Barack has been associated, and it sounds far more pernicious than the already pernicious ACORN with which he is known to have been associated.

In the same issue, Michael Gledhill reviews (on p. 37) what St. Barack wrote in his autobiography (Dreams of My Father). Gledhill's review is titled, Who Is Barack Obama? The following statement by Gledhill summarizes his feeling about St. Barack's autobiography: "Finishing Dreams, I could not recall a single positive sentence about the United Sates or European society." Is this what we want to elect for President of the United States? Someone who has clearly drunk from the curdled milk spewed forth by the "Reverend" Wright, as well from the anti-Americanism of William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn?

Jack in Silver Spring

Ex-prosecutor said...

That is a brilliantly done video in which the choice of music, itself, says as much as the words.