Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wright's sexist slime of Rice. Obama said nothing

On the thread of Ronald Reagan Remembered , which included excerpts from an op-ed Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice co-authored, Archer 05 commented:

Seeing the mention of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. I am reminded of Rev. Wright’s vile rant that referred to Condoleezza Rice as Conda-skeeza Rice, which is a street term meaning whore.

No one ever demanded an apology that I know of, and that should be corrected. At the time of that statement, Obama was still a member of Trinity Church. To allow such hate speech against a black woman, without comment, makes him such a hypocrite.

That a comment such as that would be spoken in any church, is unthinkable to me. Where is the flog-Imus crowd? Sadly, we know the answer.
I agree with Archer 05's comments.

In response to an ad that did no more than juxtapose his wife’s statement about never being proud of America until just recently with statements by citizens who said they were always proud of America, Senator Obama warned everyone: “Lay off my wife.”

But when his friend and pastor of 20 years slimed Secretary Rice, things were different.

We had no statement from Obama such as:
”Rev. Wright, you shouldn’t be making sexist slimes about Secretary Rice anywhere, but especially not in a sermon delivered from the pulpit of a church.

Lay off Secretary Rice.”
Archer 05 points to a double standard.

Who doubts it?


Anonymous said...

If true, that is unforgiveable.

Anonymous said...

These words were uttered by a "Christian" Minister, in a "Christian" church to a "Christian" congregation? Amazing.

Anonymous said...

If these comments were made during a church service, then Trinity's tax exempt status must be reviewed. Along with other political comments made during services, it is abundantly clear that they have crossed the line governing the separation of church and state and should be considered, and taxed, as a PAC. Steve in New Mexico

Anonymous said...

The comments are reprehensible but so is Rev Wright.

But Obama is NOT responsible for what his pastor says. The only real question is why did he not resign a decade ago. Obama is either a hypocrite, or more likely, as Wright accurately said, he is first and foremost a politician who joined the church that could most advance his career. The fact that he is well spoken is incidental. -JS

Anonymous said...

And just what do you think would happen if an agency of the government, under a Bush administration, cancelled the tax-exempt status of a radical Black church? We'd never hear the end of it. Face it, there are some citizens in this country who are more equal than others.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

Oprah left Trinity about 15 years ago because of the tone of the place. I guess she was paying attention to the sermons.

Interestingly, she could probably weather the association with Trinity and still earn a living. As a political figure, especially one who plans to "heal" us, Obama should have hit the door just as quickly.

Oprah deserves to be a billionaire. Obama has already gotten far more than he deserves.

justice58 said...

"there are some citizens in this country who are more equal than others
It sure is. And it certainly isn't Black Americans! But slowly, America is getting there!


Looks like your eyes are opening! Good for you!