Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Can Obama adjust his Iraq policies?

Law professor and blogger Jim Lindgren hopes so:

Given that Obama was wrong on the main foreign policy issue of his brief time in the Senate (whether the surge would improve the conditions in Iraq), I keep hoping that his obvious intelligence will lead him to recognize what is going on in Iraq and adjust his policies accordingly.
Lindgren's entire post's here.

Obama has shown himself very capable of adjusting his words, as his old friend and pastor Jeremiah Wright knows.

But it’s tough to adjust for lack of experience.

And then there’s something even tougher to adjust for: a belief that you’ve got what it takes to cut deals with people who want you to think that so they can take advantage of you.

Think Chamberlain in 1938 – “I can deal with Chancellor Hitler.”

Think Hitler at Munich saying to Chamberlain that if the price of an agreement between Germany and England is Hitler’s signing a document promising to make no more territorial demands once the Sudetenland is turned over to Germany, why he of course would sing the paper.

Chamberlain had left him no choice.

At least that’s what Chamberlain left Munich thinking.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about his Iraq policies, but he can adjust my policies any day.

I'd love to be his presidential Marilyn Monroe.

He's so sexy!

Archer05 said...

Today’s funny:

It was reported yesterday that Tim Russert and Chris Matthews think Keith Olbermann’s open Obama tankism, is tainting even their opinion shows.

They say his open bias is causing them integrity questions among their viewers. They fear viewers might think they are in the tank for Obama as well.