Thursday, June 05, 2008

Steyn denounces B.C's PC tribunal

From this morning's Globe and Mail - - -

Columnist Mark Steyn denounced the [British Columbia] Human Rights Tribunal's scrutiny of his work this week as part of a "ludicrous" system run by "pretend judges."

The tribunal is meeting because of a complaint filed by the Canadian Islamic Congress over a piece by Mr. Steyn published by Maclean's magazine in October, 2006. Muslim critics have said the article, titled, "The Future Belongs to Islam," spreads Islamophobia by alleging the religion will soon take over the Western world.

Mr. Steyn, making his first appearance yesterday at the tribunal's hearings, won't testify in the case but had plenty to say outside the courtroom.

"I think we are almost certain to be convicted and then we will appeal," he said.

If that happens, he added, "We are going to have a privately owned magazine under state regulation. There are countries where that happens. And there's a word for that: totalitarian."

Mr. Steyn expressed frustration that the tribunal does not allow him to confront his accusers and does not provide him due process. . . .

The rest of the G&M's story's here.

The PC outrages just seem to mount.

It is sad to see a country like Canada slowly ( or maybe not so slowly) toss away what were once cherished freedoms.

It's sad as well to see the extent of PC in the United States.


Anonymous said...

As this is happening, the beloved United Nations is sending a hit team into our own country to examine our "racist society." As long as we allow ourselves to be judged by foreign nations, we are going to be given the "wet end of the stick." It is for that reason that I go ballistic when some naive American bemoans the fact that we aren't like other nations. Hello! That's the basis for our very existence, friends; we revolted against foreign control of our colonies and stated our intention to do things differently. Now we have well-intentioned idiots complaining that we aren't doing things like the French do. Think about it.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

There are multiple stories (I assume they're true) of various Canadians being hauled up on charges of violating the PC language rules. To most of us readers of this Blog, it (i.e., PC regulation) is the height of folly and wrong-headedness. Nevertheless, there it is and we'd all better be beware. It's not just coming. It's already here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Mr. Steyn for fighting this battle. I'm sure it would have been far easier for him to cave, and to apologize abjectly.

If free speech survives, it will owe a lot to those like Steyn who were willing to meet the threat head-on.