Monday, June 02, 2008

Welcome back, Liestoppers boards

It's great news!

If you go here, you’ll see the LS boards are up and running.

It’s wonderful to have the Hooligans back.

A number of them have said “thanks” for my help keeping folks informed about the “outage.”

I was glad to do.

In turn, I want to thank Texas Mom who first alerted me to the "outage" so I could alert others.

I thank all others of you who provided whatever info you had, especially the Anon who passed along the email from the Zeta folks which provided much useful information.

Finally, thanks to the Hooligans who over at the boards now are saying nice things about JinC.

I might send a link with those nice comments to the folks in the N&O's newsroom who still haven't told us about the N&O's use of Mike Nifong as an anonymous source or why the N&O withheld for weeks the critical news it had as a result of Crystal Mangum's June 2002 car-jacking that she was a strip dancer then a "men's club" and instead published on March 25, 2006 in its "anonymous interview" story what the N&O knew was a false report Mangum was new to dancing before groups of men.

Did Nifong ask the N&O to withhold that critical news until the frame-up attempt was more advanced or did the N&O decide on its own to withhold that critically important news?

Ah, but I'm getting off topic.

Welcome back, Hooligans.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your posts Sunday about the LieStoppers board/ meeting/Zetaboard problems .

Your observations about N&O, et al
are raising good questions, and require solid answers from the local MSM !


Anonymous said...

John, thank YOU for keeping us updated. You have remarkable intestinal fortitude to keep doggedly asking for answers from the N & O. I gave up expecting to get straight answers a year or more ago.
Texas Mom

Anonymous said...

Has anyone talked directly to Orage Quarles, the publisher, about the N&O's role in Nifong's lacrosse frame?