Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NR on Bill Clinton's harsh new world: I smiled

An editorial observation in the May 5 National Review print edition (not available online):

Saved! Barack Obama's "bitter" comment came to light just in time for the old lucky dog Bill Clinton.

Bill's "explanation" of Hillary's Bosnia gaffe had threatened to overwhelm journalistic fact-checkers everywhere.

He packed so many dishonesties into so few sentences that political consultants should study it for decades as an example of economy in lying.

He said Hillary told her Bosnia story once (wrong), late at night (wrong), and immediately (wrong) apologized (wrong).

Commentators speculated that Bill has not been able to adjust to the era of 24/7 media coverage and instant fact-checking.

Actually, the most important change is that now when Bill tells lies, journalists and fellow Democrats - smitten with another liberal hero - call him on it with gusto. How disorienting.
It's a harsh new world for Mr. Clinton.

And it won't get better unless Sen. Clinton's the nominee of the liberal/leftist media's party.


Anonymous said...

How Fun !!

sceptical said...

Off Topic/


You have been "outed" as to your identity by David Graham in his last article as Duke Chronicle Editor. I made the following Comment on-line:

posted 4/23/08 @ 5:54 PM EST
Mr. Graham,

I am pleased to see that you admit your contention that the lacrosse case is over was wrong. I look forward to the Chronicle covering the civil suits over the next few years. Until Duke learns from the mistakes, the same problems will lead to future disasters. Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.

Your "outing" of John-in-Carolina's identity is highly unprofessional. I guess his thoughtful criticism of the Chronicle got under your skin.

Your tenure as Editor marked a decline from your predecessors. I hope the new editors will do better."