Friday, April 25, 2008

Michelle Obama's Name Removed

from Terrorist Fundraiser's Web Page - Update: Terror Fundraiser's Page Disappears!

That’s Charles Johnson’s lede at Little Green Footballs for this post.

Johnson doesn’t blow smoke. He has the screen shots.

Will Ms. Obama be proud when she learns her name was first removed from the website?

And that now the page has disappeared?

Stay tuned to hear what Bill Moyers and Nancy Pelosi tell us.

And check with the blogs, too. You'll very likely learn more there.

Is there a way Team Obama at Newsweek, the NY Times, PBS and the Raleigh N&O can spin the web page removal as – you know – something having to do with "racist attacks" by the Clintons? Or “typical white people?”

We’ll see.

Meanwhile, some of you who may be asking --- “Charles Johnson? Little Green Footballs? Wasn’t he the blogger who had so much to do with proving Dan Rather’s 60 Minutes’ documents used in the Texas Air National Guard story smearing President Bush were fakes?”

Yes he was. I'll post more about that next week.

Let’s keep our eyes out to see if MSM picks up on any of the latest in the developing saga: “Up close and personal with the Obamas.”


Anonymous said...

The blogosphere will see to it this story has "legs." There was a time when, if a story wasn't printed in The New York Slimes or aired on CBS, it didn't exist. This story will get bigger. Much bigger. And it will add to the increasing questions about Mr. Obama's fitness to serve as our president. The wheels are a-comin' off!
Tarheel Hawkeye

Archer05 said...

As I read this article, I remembered Obama removed the link to the New Black Panthers from his web page, after comments that they are a radical group that might offend white voters.

Remember, “Dead Man Walking?” The New Black Panthers ran to the defense of a fraud, their demeanor was menacing, and they were totally in error. Amid death threats, the innocent men withstood racial attacks from this pathetic group.

If Obama keeps removing each questionable acquaintance, he may have a blank homepage.

Glenn said...

Some enterprising rep[orter who values his/her integrity more than a paycheck should ask BO why his website keeps getting "edited"