Monday, April 21, 2008

DNA evidence: the ideologues “enemy”

Bill Anderson has just posted an outstanding column at Lew Rockwell explaining why the DNA evidence that did so much to prove the innocence of the Duke lacrosse players is still important today.

It’s needed to refute the class, race, gender ideologues who still insist “something happened.” Bill’s column includes this:

In the dishonest pursuit of rape charges against innocent people, Nifong, the Durham Police Department, and their supporters, discounted literally all science in this investigation.

It was the classic "Heads, I win, Tails, you lose" proposition, in which any DNA evidence that would have demonstrated their case was acceptable, but any DNA evidence that would be exculpatory was illegitimate and useless.

These people will continue to mouth the same lies, as their pursuit of these young men had to do more with a political agenda than any pursuit of truth. However, I do hope that for those who have had doubts about the outcome of this case, that this article will help change their minds.

Police and prosecutors had every reason to investigate this case and gather as much evidence as they could. The DNA testing itself was some of the most complete of any case anywhere. There literally was no stone left unturned, yet investigators found nothing, nothing. Thus, they turned to lies and lawbreaking in an attempt to keep this case alive, and they found many willing allies who long ago had come to believe that all "truth" is political in nature.

The criminal portion of the Duke case is over. There should have been criminal investigations of many of those on the prosecution and police side, but none have been undertaken for obvious political reasons. What are left are the lawsuits, and I would urge readers to work through the many claims laid out in the court documents. They are powerful, and they tell a story….
It’s too bad the ideologues can’t accept the fact that the “something” that “happened” was an elaborate frame-up attempt which many of them helped enable.

It’s too bad the ideologues can’t accept there’s something terrible happening right now: the cover-up of the frame-up attempt they helped enable.

But, now that I think about it, if the ideologues accepted the truth, they wouldn’t be ideologues, would they?

And if they accepted the truth, there’s no telling what might happen. They could lose tenure and government grants.

And what about their memberships in MoveOn.Duke?

One thing’s sure: Bill Anderson’s outstanding column is here.

Hat tip: Friends of Duke University


Anonymous said...

John -

When it comes to Duke, Bill Anderson is always on the money. Your point that ideologues are no longer ideologues when they accept truth is exactly right. My guess is that such ideologues who profess to be scholars follow the same modus operandi in their scholarship as well. They see what they want to see and dismiss any evidence to the contrary when it interferes with their meta-narratives.

Jack in Silver Spring

kbp said...

Thanks John, and...

a BIG THANKS to Bill!

He's been a constant voice of reason since early on, when help was needed the most.

JWM said...

To Jack,

Thanks for this comment and the Jacoby comment.

I plan to post re: American Jews and the Dems.

I always appreciate your comments.


Right on re:Bill.

You, too, BTW.

And, yes, you were the astute commenter I referenced in the other post.

Did I get something wrong as regards your comment?

Please let me know you've seen this reply.

Best to you both,


Anonymous said...


Its pretty difficult to totally ignore DNA evidence. You got to hand it to the folks at DPD and at Duke. Treating the evidence as a petty annoyance took some real discipline.

The corruption runs deep.... very deep.


Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to overlook what I consider the most critical part of the DNA testing: other men's DNA was found!

Wouldn't the fact that no DNA from the Duke team was found, but DNA from other men appeared, prove someone other than a Duke team member 'raped' Crystal?

A question to ask Nifong: If you believe a rape occurred, why didn't you try and find a match for the DNA that was on Crystal?

No justice, no peace said...

An interesting opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal today that mirrors Bill Anderson's point regarding the "intellegensia" ignoring science.

The title is, "Why I Left Greenpeace" and the article speaks directly to the organization being overrun by those with political agendas and have no concern with sticky scientific facts.

The author? Patrick Moore, a PhD. in ecology and...a founder of Greenpeace.

"...We all have a responsibility to be environmental stewards. But that stewardship requires that science, and not political agendas, drive our public policy."