Saturday, February 02, 2008

Canada and America are being warned

At National Review Online Mark Steyn tells readers [excerpt]:

…The Canadian Islamic Congress has complained about my "flagrant Islamophobia" under the guise of Section 13 of the Human Rights Code.

In a surprising development from an unlikely quarter, Keith Martin, a Liberal Member of Parliament from British Columbia, has filed a private member's motion in the House of Commons to abolish Section 13 on the grounds that Canada should be a country where we're "allowed to speak our mind".

Dr Martin is no friend of social conservatives or any other type of right-winger, but he is a principled Liberal and a believer in freedom of expression for all. I wish there were more like him.
I commend Dr. Martin for his action. I hope many of us speak out and support what he’s doing.

I grew up being taught Canada was “a good neighbor and a great, free nation.”

I still believe that.

So I find it very hard to accept some of the anti-democratic things happening there just as I find it hard to accept similiar things happening here in the States.

Why is it that in Canada you can say terrible things about people, including even publicizing fatwas calling for their deaths, but you can’t say much critical of the Islamists who issue those death threats?

How did Canada get to where it is today: a country where it’s OK to issue death fatwas and call for the destruction of Israel, but where it’s not OK to condemn the Muslims who enable and/or advocate such things?

And how did America get to the point where Berkeley, CA is telling Marines they’re not welcome there?

Folks in both countries – What’s happening are warnings we ignore at our peril.

God bless Canada and America.

And thank you, Mark Steyn. You're one of the free world’s best pundits.