Monday, January 28, 2008

Indoctrinate U is “funny, humane and powerful”

So said Powerline’s Scott Johnson of the documentary London’s Daily Telegraph said “all of you should see.” (Johnson's, DT's and others' review excerpts here. )

Indoctrinate U will be shown Tuesday, Jan. 29, at 7 PM in Reynolds Auditorium in Duke University’s Bryan Student Center.

The Bryan Student Center is beside Duke Chapel and next to a well-lighted public parking deck. A map is here.

Admission is free for Duke students and faculty, $5 for students of other schools and $10 for the general public.

National Review’s Carol Iannone said Indoctrinate U “is sound, shocking--even to someone who knows a lot about political coercion on today's campuses--and also, amazingly, highly entertaining. It is both amusing and sobering at once. It deserves widespread distribution in theatres across America."

Indoctrinate U’s director, Evan Coyne Maloney, will be at the showing for a Q&A.

Some of you may know Maloney as that gentle fellow who walks onto campuses to ask folks “a few easy questions.” Within minutes, the campus police often arrive.

In the next scene, he’s in the office of a dean or other administrative factotum.

That’s usually when Maloney's told that, of course, the school respects it students’ Constitutional rights and its strict enforcement of speech codes goes along with that.

Sometimes Maloney’s told he needs to leave campus or can only interview if accompanied by a school minder.

There’s a wonderful, funny and revealing example of what I’m talking about here at Columbia Quiz.

It’s a five minute video Maloney originally intended to include in Indoctrinate U.

But as they say, some of a film’s best material is often left on the cutting room floor.

Give Columbia Quiz a look.

Indoctrinate U’s showing at Duke is sponsored by Duke Students for an Ethical Durham.