Sunday, January 27, 2008

Two “must read” posts at Liestoppers

Many of you may have read them already, but in case you haven’t Liestoppers has two "must read" posts for those of you following the suits filed by victims of the attempted frame-up of Duke lacrosse players and the on going cover-up.

The first of the two is Bankruptcy Dodge Won’t Work , which citizen journalist skeptical posted. It begins:

While bankruptcy would normally end a civil suit, this is not the case if the debtor engaged in "malicious and willful" conduct. In a collaborative Blog composed of Penn State Dickinson School of Law members, Professor Marie T. Reilly posted her analysis of this bankruptcy filing.

Professor Marie T. Reilly is a scholar and teacher of bankruptcy, commercial law and contracts. She is an expert on fraudulent transfer law and has published articles on a variety of topics including corporate successor liability, check kiting, sexual harassment and the holder in due course rule.
Sceptical then provides an extensive paste-in of Riley’s post and a link to it.

Sceptical’s post is here.

The other "don’t miss" post is Coach Pressler files lawsuit against Duke University & John Burness.

It contains the sections of Pressler’s filing that are at the heart of his slander claim.


Anonymous said...

I support coach but do question why the team captains felt they could "ignore" his "Don't do anything stupid" directive. Any idea if the team is getting themselves the numerous drinking , etc petty violations with the new coach?