Sunday, January 27, 2008

Indoctrinate U showing at Duke Tuesday, Jan. 29

From a DSED release:

Duke Students for an Ethical Duke is sponsoring a screening of Indoctrinate U, a documentary film evaluating rampant and systematic violations of civil liberties in American institutions of higher learning.

We are also proud to bring to you the director and producer of Indoctrinate U, who will be in attendance for discussion and Q&A. MAP

This from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:
Human rights activist and campus freedom-fighter Thor Halvorssen is one of the producers of "Indoctrinate U," the freshly released documentary film that uses humor and Michael Moore-like tactics to expose the culture of political correctness and left-wing politics that dominates most American colleges.
The T-R follows that with a very informative interview with Halvorssen you can read here.

Indocrtinate U debuted in Washington last September to a full house at the Kennedy Center.

You can view a trailer here.

To wrap up - - -



Jan. 29 2008

7 pm

Reynolds Auditorium

Duke University

Tickets are available at the

Duke University Box Office


Jim in San Diego said...

Is Indoctrinate U available anywhere to the general public?


Jim Peterson

Anonymous said...


It will be shown at several places including San Diego State University. See the Indoctrinate U website for info on screenings.

Anonymous said...

Next Tuesday, the "Indoctrinate U" campus tour kicks off at DukeUniversity and Louisiana State University (Shreveport). The Duke screening has also just been opened to the public. Here's the current schedule of screenings: Tue, Jan 29th -- 07:00PM -- Duke University Tue, Jan 29th -- 07:00PM -- Louisiana State University (Shreveport) Wed, Feb 13th -- 07:00PM -- San Diego State University Mon, Feb 18th -- 07:00PM -- Ottawa, Ontario (non-campus) Mon, Feb 25th -- 07:00PM -- Indiana University School of Law There are a number of additional screenings in the works, although wecan't announce dates until all details are finalized. As always, the latest information is available on the Screenings pageof our website, at: