Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This Made Me Smile

My reporting and commenting on the attempted frame-up of three innocent Duke students and the ongoing attempts to cover up the frame-up, has, for obvious reasons, led me to also research Watergate.

I recently came upon an exchange between North Carolina’s Sen. Sam Ervin, who chaired the Senate Watergate investigation, and John Ehrlichman, one of Nixon’s principal aides and a major Watergate conspirator.

Ehrlichman challenging a conclusion Ervin reached after studying some documents: “How do you know that, Mr. Chairman?”

Ervin: "Because I can understand the English language. It's my mother's tongue.”


Anonymous said...

John, thanks so much for this quote. I lived in DC and worked for a news commentator (from the time of Nixon's second inauguration until just after he resigned) and was fixated on the hearings. I LOVED Sam Ervin and had forgotten he was from N.C. All is not lost if North Carolina can produce such an outstanding senator. I will also add that Barbara Jordan became my hero during those hearings- she was an extraordinary woman and from my hometown.
Texas Mom