Friday, October 05, 2007

Durham Suit filing “highlight”

If you haven’t read the 155-page filing on behalf of the three men victimized by now disbarred Mike Nifong, certain Durham Police officers, their supervisors, and other conspirators, try to find time this weekend to give it a read. (So far it’s only available in pdf form.)

If you can’t read the whole thing, check in with Durham-in-Wonderland, Liestoppers and The Johnsville News.

All three are providing great coverage.

Liestoppers has already reported the filing states the first detective assigned to the case said there was nothing to Mangum’s charges; and recommended the case be closed.

That’s when Sgt. Mark Gottlieb, the DPD detective with a sordid record of harassing Duke students, was brought into the case. Give the post a look here. (Hat tip: Jim in San Diego)

Then there’s No. 60 on pg. 21 of the filing.

I’ve retyped No. 60 here as it appears in the filing except that in the filing No. 60 is one paragraph.

Here I’ve presented it in separate sentence form, the better for us all to get an idea of just how “far out” false accuser Crystal Mangum was “orbiting” the night of Mar. 13/14, 2006; and just what sort of “evidence” she provided then Durham DA Mike Nifong and certain Durham Police officers and their supervisors for their attempted frame-up of three young men they knew were innocent.

No. 60

Mangum at one point told medical personnel at Duke Medical Center that she had been performing at a bachelor’s party, and that one of the alleged rapists was the groom.

She claimed that the groom did not want to have intercourse with her because he as getting married the next day.

Of course, there was no bachelor party at 610 N Buchanan, and there was no groom there either.
Who’s fighting tonight for justice in Durham?

The attorneys who filed the suit today, and those who are supporting them.


Anonymous said...

Informed citizens need to write or call the civil rights division of the Justice Department, the slow-to-act U.S. Attorney in Greensboro, the new U.S. Attorney General, congressional representatives, Sens. Dole and Burr, N.C. attorney general Cooper and Gov. Easley, the man who appointed the infamous Nifong.
A criminal probe is long overdue. Demand one.

D said...

It's an interesting situation, tactically.

Nifong and Wilson are both broke, and therefor judgement proof. Both have to pay for their own lawyer, the city won't cover them because they worked for the county. Normally you expect to see one or the other flipped, dropped from the suit in exchange for their testimony against the rest of the Ds. But here neither one can do so, because there's the threat of a criminal conspiracy charge looming.

Anonymous said...

You can forget Dole and Burr. They talk the "conservative" talk, but they can't quite walk the walk. David Evans used to be an intern in Liddy Dole's Senate office, but do you think Liddy cares anough to even make a public statement of support? Fugeddaboudit! Liddy didn't even know the case was axed by the NC AG until I told her nearly SIX MONTHS AFTER! Burr hasn't even has the decency to reply to me.
A former GOP supporter in NC.

Anonymous said...

IMO, this is about exonerating the players. The families, now that the kids are in no danger of being punished by a rogue jury, want a forum to try the case so all the facts of the hoax can come out. They want to put a stake through the heart of the "something happened" crowd by exposing the sordid details of the prosecution. The amount of the settlement was set at a point where paying would really hurt but not so high that it would be laughable, a la Austin Powers. I think the players are right where they want to be. Maybe that's obvious.

Brant Jones

Anonymous said...

Don't give up on Dole and Burr. Keep writing and calling. Surely, they aren't this brain dead.

Anonymous said...

I can understand some of the reasoning but I am very disappointed that Crystal Mangum is not included in this lawsuit. Without her outright fraud none of this would be possible/necessary. Of all the people that are truly guilty she is the guiltiest and is getting off without the hint of any punishment. She is a menace to the public in more ways than one and will continue until drastic measures are taken with her.

Anonymous said...

To the 12.44: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. I don't intend to spend any more time trying to get them to act like the conservative Republicans they both ran as. I believe they are just that brain dead.