Friday, October 05, 2007

Suits: Best reporting so far

This AP account hosted at CNN is the most detailed and balanced news report on the suit filing I've found so far.


Anonymous said...

You're kidding, right? Balanced? Unless I'm mistaken they threw out every single name involved but the woman who made the false accusations that started this whole mess. She's not a victim nor an alleged victim - she's a liar, a perjurer and, according to the DNA evidence, a whore. If they were so "balanced" why did they not name her?

Anonymous said...

At risk of repeating myself, I repeat myself:

You oversimplify.

Action items are civil rights violations by entities in official capacity. They cite 14th Amendment to pray relief in a federal court. (They should have invoked diverse citizenship, and did.) Action against FA would be based on her slander and hard to prosecute. Foremost, plaintiffs ask the court to appoint a "Monitor" to prevent future injustice against other parties. Certainly they themselves plan to spend the rest of their lives staying out of Durham. How would the court "monitor" the behavior of FA? As an afterthought, plaintiffs ask for damages (without naming numbers.) The City of Durham in its official capacity has the visible asset of taxing power; a "deep pocket." FA in her official capacity (Don't go into visible assets) has "no pocket" in either figurative or literal senses. DNA repositories don't count.

-- no, not that Glenn