Saturday, October 06, 2007

Addison/Russ post tomorrow


I've run out of blog time and we have company tonight.

The short of it is that having read the filing twice I can tell you that what's been reported here since last May stands up.

If anything, it looks like I may have understated some things.

More tomorrow.




DukeEgr93 said...

John - we don't pay you to have company, we pay you to dig through the stuff the HS, N&O, DPD, and others have thrown out in all this mess! Your paycheck for this site is a mark of our confidence in your posting items of interest that we can passionately agree or disagree about! Company, indeed. The nerve.

(what's that? We don't p...oh... And he does the Churchill series on his own dime, too? heh heh)

My assistant, Ms. Litella, has just informed me that we aren't actually paying you. My bad. Never mind :) I am going to go work on a post about conserving our natural racehorses.

Hope you had an enjoyable evening!

Anonymous said...

Never Mind!

Anonymous said...

John, I hope you had a wonderful evening, you more than deserve it! Never mind the nasty trolls. Pity them instead.

Looking forward to your next piece of journalistic dose of sodium penathol for the masses.

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio
Sister of unsolved Durham murder, still fighting for justice.