Friday, October 05, 2007

Suits Filed

Attorneys acting on behalf of three former Duke students who were victims of an attempted frame-up by former Durham DA Mike Nifong, certain Durham Police officers, their supervisors and others have now filed suit. You can read more at The Johnsville News which, among other case items, has a link to the 155-page filing (pdf)

Named as defendants are, of course, Nifong, and the principal DPD case investigators, Sgt. Mark Gottlieb and Inv. Ben Himan.

Others DPD officers named as defendants include Cpl. David Addison and his supervisor, Maj. Lee Russ.

JinC Regulars know I've posted often since last May (74 posts the last time I searched) concerning what we now know were lies Addison told the public last March when he acted as DPD spokesperson and the libelous Durham CrimeStoppers Wanted poster, the text of which Addison wrote and distributed to Durham Police substations, media and others. I've also interviewed Russ twice.

I'll be reviewing those posts and the interviews with Russ this weekend.

I'll post concerning them Saturday and Sunday.

I haven't read the filing yet but it may be significant that the defendants are not named in alphabetical order but Addison is the first DPD officer named after Gottlieb and Himan. That may suggest that in taking depositions Addison will be one of the first person attorneys for the three young men will want to depose.

A number of Addison's false statements are indisputable since they were made during television interviews. Someone was telling him what to say and approving what he said.

Addison will have to disclose that and a lot more.

I want to get on now to posts concerning Duke Professor Starn's deliberate misrepresentation of a statement by Duke's Coach K and Duke Law School Professor James Coleman's letter today in The Chronicle.

Sorry this does not include more links but it's a very busy day.

Keep checking in.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, let the pain begin.

I'm hoping the voters of Durham make a clean sweep by throwing out Bell for Stith, etc, etc.


Jim in San Diego said...

Another bombshell, if true: allegedly, the detective who investigated the claims first found there was no evidence, and recommended closing the case. Only then was the case handed over to Det. Gottlieb, who had earlier been moved out of the Trinity district because of his misbehavior towards Duke students.

がんこもん said...

I am slightly conflicted regarding Himan, since he was apparently the only DPD officer to emerge with any credit attached during the State AG's review and during the State Bar hearings. In addition, he apparently was mostly truthful and professional.

Addison and Gottlieb deserve to be fired with prejudice, as do most of the DPD's upper ranks, who were overseeing Addison and Gottlieb. As for the ever-absent Chief Chalmers, he should have been fired long ago.

I am particularly pleased by the suit's requirements to ban Meehan's company from doing any sort of expert evidence fort the next ten years. But overall, I am delighted this happened. Maybe now true justice will bee served.