Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Real Mike Nifong

Friends and supporters of the disgraced Mike Nifong keep claiming the public doesn’t know “the real Mike Nifong.”

Today, I read through 117 Findings of Fact in the NC State Bar’s order disbarring Nifong. While each of the findings tells us something, findings 63 through 66 stood out to me as revealing in a few paragraphs the real Mike Nifong.

Take a look. See if you agree.

63. On May 12, 2006, Nifong again met with Dr. Meehan and two DPD officers and discussed the results of DSI's testing to date. During that meeting, consistent with Nifong's prior request, Dr. Meehan provided Nifong a 10-page written report which set forth the results of DNA tests on only the three evidence specimens that contained DNA consistent with DNA profiles from several known reference specimens.

The three items in DSI's written report concerned DNA profiles on two fingernail specimens that were incomplete but were consistent with the DNA profiles of two unindicted lacrosse players, including DNA on a fingernail found in David Evans' garbage can which was incomplete but was consistent with David Evans' DNA profile, and DNA from the vaginal swab that was consistent with the DNA profile of Ms. Mangum's boyfriend.

DSI's written report did not disclose the existence of any of the multiple unidentified male DNA found on the rape kit items, although it did list the evidence items on which the unidentified DNA had been discovered.

64. Nifong personally received DSI's written report from Dr. Meehan on May 12, 2006, and later that day provided it to counsel for the two Duke Defendants who had been indicted and for David Evans, among others.

65. When he received DSI's written report and provided it to counsel for the Duke Defendants, Nifong was fully aware of the test results that were omitted from the written report, including the test results revealing the existence of DNA from multiple unidentified males on rape kit items.

66. Three days later, on May 15, 2006, Nifong sought and obtained an indictment against David Evans for first-degree rape, first-degree sex offense, and kidnapping.
Now that’s the real Mike Nifong, isn’t it?

It’s scary to think Nifong had prosecutorial power and would have had it for four more years if a lot of decent people like many of you reading this hadn’t risen up and said, “No more!”

Thanks go to Baldo at Liestoppers who made the Bar’s order available in a non-pdf form. I don’t know how he does it but I sure appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! don't tell me there is another Nifong! One is enough. Is the Jekyl-Hyde phenomonen enough to keep him from standing trial for sacrificing three young men for his own political greed? We do have a new word for the law books now, though, and it is "Nifonged". Which one of the "real" Nifongs do we attribute that to?

Anonymous said...

John - This whole thing with Nifong is beyond belief. What do the folk in Durham say about him shooting himself? I can understand the pre election stuff but to carry on afterwards makes no sense.