Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The N&O’s Talk Radio Spin (Post 2)

This post continues my fisking of a Raleigh News & Observer “news story” reporting on “conservative talk radio.”

Like most N&O “news stories,” this one had a strong liberal/leftist bias. My first post was titled: “The N&O’s Talk Radio Spin (Post 1)."

In this second post we pick up the story where the N&O is telling readers:

Talk radio contains 10 times as much conservative talk as liberal talk, according to a study released last month by The Center for American Progress, a research and educational institute that works for "progressive and pragmatic solutions," and Free Press, a group that focuses on media competitiveness.

The report, "The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio," found that among the 257 news-talk stations owned by the top five commercial station owners, 91 percent of the talk was conservative and 9 percent was progressive. Ninety-two percent of the stations did not broadcast a single minute of liberal talk, according to the study.

Those numbers are providing ammunition for critics.
Now, once again folks, as I said in Post 1, when discussing liberal vs conservative talk radio, you always have to factor in on the liberal side the hundreds of government subsidized NPR stations located all across America, often in studios on college campuses.

Those locations on college campuses give those NPR stations another form of government subsidy in that the rents they pay, if any, reflect the fact that the NPR studios are located in buildings and on land that’s exempt from local property taxes.

There’s something else many of you have no doubt caught on to but which I want to say “for the record:” whenever liberal/leftist MSM news organizations say “progressive” as in “progressive and pragmatic solutions” they really mean “liberal” or “leftist.”

But it’s hard for most of them to say that. And who can blame them?

Who wants to run for President and say, “My fellow Americans, I have some liberal solutions for America’s problems. First, as my hero, Senator Edward M. Kennedy said back in the ‘80s when he ridiculed as “Star Wars” President Reagan’s strategic defense initiative . . .?”

Or how about: “I’m proud to say I’m a liberal and if you elect me, I promise within my first hundred days to bring back welfare?”

Look for Post 3 tomorrow.

Who knew an N&O story could be such fun. And with just one little word: “progressive?” Or is it “liberal?”

Anyway, I reported. You decide.