Friday, July 13, 2007

Diane Sawyer’s “most hurtful moment”

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Thursday’s edition of "Good Morning America" featured a Diane Sawyer anecdote that revealed the low opinion Americans have of journalists.

After wrapping up a segment on people who avoid jury duty, the ABC co-host recounted the "hurtful" experience she had in a courtroom:

[Wrap up of segment on getting out of jury duty.]

Diane Sawyer: "You know, I wanted to sit on a jury once and I was taken off the jury. And the judge said to me, 'Can, you know, can you tell the truth and be fair?'

And I said, 'That's what journalists do.' And everybody in the courtroom laughed.

It was the most hurtful moment I think I've ever had." (emphasis newsbusters)
I don’t doubt the laughter was hurtful.

But should Sawyer have been surprised?

I mean, the courtroom wasn’t filled with other liberal and leftist journalists, was it?

So you can see and hear Sawyer recount her "most hurtful moment," Newsbusters' post links to Video (0:55): Real (1.51) or Windows (1.71 MB), plus MP3 Audio (607kB) and MP3 audio (just the soundbite -- 130 kB).


Anonymous said...

For more skewering of journalists read Milan Kundera's novel "Immortality". Ms. Sawyer would have a new "most hurtful moment" if she were to read it.

Brant Jones