Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Remember Rev. Jesse Jackson's offer?

From the start of the Hoax and frame-up many people have acted with good sense and decency, even sometimes with great courage.

Then there were other people like Rev. Jesse Jackson, arguably America's best-known self-promoter.

Here's a JinC post from April 16, 2006, one day before DA Mike Nifong fraudulently indicted two young men - Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann - whom Nifong and certain police helping him knew to be innocent.


The Associated Press reports:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said Saturday his Rainbow/Push Coalition will pay the college tuition of a woman who told police she was raped by members of Duke University's men's lacrosse team while working as a stripper -- no matter the outcome of the case.

"I can't wait ... to talk with her and have prayer with her, because our organization is committed, when she's physically and emotionally able ... to provide for her the scholarship money to finish school so she will never ... again have to stoop that low to survive," he said from Chicago in a telephone interview with The Associated Press.

When asked, the civil rights leader also said his group will pay for the woman's tuition even if her report proves false. …
So, you want a college scholarship? You got it. And you don’t even need to study hard and get good grades so long as you can make a false rape accusation.

All you parents, teachers, and guidance counselors: be sure to let high school students know how they can become eligible for a Rev. Jackson scholarship.

Jackson's really helping change America, isn't he?

The AP says nothing about what Jackson, regarded by some as a civil rights leader, plans to provide victims falsely accused by his scholarship winners.

Folks, I know we all hope the AP interviews Jackson tomorrow. He needs to tell America whether he plans to pay any of the legal bills the Finnerty, Evans and Seligmann families will have to pay as a result of the false witness given by the first Jesse Jackson Scholar, Chrystal “Precious” Mangum.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it discovered a few years ago that the (married with children) "Reverend" Jackson had used Rainbow Coalition money to pay off his pregnant mistress? So why should anyone be surprised that he's offered to use Rainbow Coalition money to pay off a lying whore? I hope all the Rainbow Coalition contributors appreciate the good use their money is being put to.

Anonymous said...

I assumed he'd continue the AV's legal education....

She can certainly sit for the bar (sorry, couldn't resist a stripper joke here) until she's got her Tawana-style conviction.


Anonymous said...

from today's (4/11/07) AP article by Beard in the San Diego Union Tribune:

""We just hope this traumatic experience for all involved ends with the minimum amount of damage," said the Rev. Jesse Jackson, whose Chicago-based Rainbow/Push Coalition had offered to help the accuser pay for college but wasn't able to contact her."

Rev. Jackson seems to be feeling that he needed to "minimize damage " to himself with that comment.

Flagg707 said...

Well, Rev. Jackson did place one serious and quite possibly insurmountable condition on his offer. He said that the accuser would get the scholarship "when she's physically and emotionally able". 'nuff said.