Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Praise Nifong? Not Johnsville

Was it just a few months ago that Durham DA Mike Nifong was receiving effusive and repeated praise from the editorial page editors at the Raleigh News & Observer and the Durham Herald Sun for his handling of what both papers called the "Duke rape case?"

Yes, it was.

The N&O and H-S's support meant a great deal to Nifong. Without their support, Nifong might very well have lost the November, 2006 election campaign.

Imagine what would have happened then.

But thanks to the active support of the N&O and H-S and the silence of Duke's President, Richard ("Whatever they did was bad enough") Brodhead, as well as “Dick's leadership team" of top Duke administrators and many faculty, Nifong won the election.

Nifong no doubt likes them all.

There are, however, those Nifong surely doesn't like because they opposed him.

Nifong's already told the NC State Bar, now moving to disbar him, that from his point of view: "It was really all Jason Trumpbour and Friends of Duke University's fault."

Can you believe that? Attorney General Roy Cooper didn’t.

Then there's The Johnsville News, one of my favorite blogs for information and justice advocacy.

I'm sure TJN is on Nifong's "enemies list" along with FODU.

That's one of the reasons why I visit them both every day.

BTW - Some people think of TJN as only a great aggregator. Yes, it's that, but it's also so much more.

One of the things TJN does extremely well is summarize what's most important. Here's how TJN began it's post today:

Roy Cooper delivers the truth. The Hoax is over. Nifong is a "rogue prosecutor." Crystal Gail Mangum is a mentally unbalanced liar. Let sweet justice shine!
Can any of us say it any better?

Glad you’re back in town, TJN.


Anonymous said...

A tip of the hat to the terrific blogs. Shame on the North Carolina newspapers, Joe Neff excepted.

bill anderson said...


Now that we know what was left out of the infamous "Dancer recalls" story, I am flabbergasted at how the N&O deliberately perpetrated a hoax.

They KNEW from the start that her story was not adding up, yet they kept it from the record. This is a serious, serious journalistic felony, and is in the same category with what Dan Rather did with the fake Bush documents.

People need to pay for this. Thank you for being relentless on this issue.

Foaming at the mouth said...

This saga has many vile villins: NiFong, Wendy Murphy, the Gang of 88, DPD, Prescious, Duke, Mehan, and others.
It also has heros: Dave, Reade, Collin, Joe Cheshire, KC Johnson, Roy Cooper, and others.
But the title of HERO OF ALL HEROS has to go to BRAD BANNON, the partner of Joe Cheshire who, when handed over 1,000 pages of DNA gobblie-gook not only was able to determine that there were other male non-Lacrosse donors, but that a conspiracy had occurred between Mehan and NiFong! This single "Perry Mason Moment" broke this case wide open and compelled the dismissal and exonoration that we have seen.
Please, please profile BRAD BANNON and give us more information on this remarkable young attorney!