Friday, April 13, 2007

For Regulars & Readers - Short


So much is happening.

I want to post on a lot of it.

Khanna and the Mar. 25 N&O fraudulent story. Don't forget another reporter, Anne Blythe, and lots of editors were involved in that story.

Most recent H-S and N&O edits on Nifong.

N&O consideration of barring citizen journalist who comment anonymously

Second letter to Moneta

And lots more.

I've many professional meetings now.

I'll be back in touch with you by late tonight.




Joe T. said...

We're all with you, John (my Southern gentleman cyberbud).

Anonymous said...

JinC: You might want to contact Stuart Taylor and Professor Johnson about the Khanna-Blythe coverage in March 2006. Apparently, Professor Johnson seems to be willing to give the N&O a pass because of Joe Neff's later excellent coverage. How can you ignore the N&O's role in inflaming passions and setting the stage for Nifong's frame-up?