Sunday, April 08, 2007

Quiet at The Johnsville News

Most of you know The Johnsville News is one of my three “must visit daily” Duke Hoax blogs. (Durham-in-Wonderland and Liestoppers are the other two).

The last few days nothing new has been added at TJN.

Since TJN doesn’t accept emails and I have no idea who the blogger or bloggers is/are there, this is my only means of asking how everything is at TJN.

This is also a good opportunity to hat tip an outstanding blog that’s been a leader in informing the public on the Hoax and bringing closer the day when the false charges will be dismissed.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of quiet, did the N&O editors pull Joe Neff off this case? Where has he been lately?

Anonymous said...

Wondering if DNA samples are
being taken from the perpetrators
of the Hoax, to see if they match
CGN's collection...

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