Saturday, April 14, 2007

For JinC Regulars & Commenters – 4/14/07

(A post in the old web log tradition: Notes at the end of the day for those who know the material. Don’t look for background and links here.)

I’ve said it already but one more time: It was wonderful to hear Cooper say
“Innocent.” And thanks to everyone one of you who did things to help bring that about.

On the “short” this afternoon I said: “So much is happening.”

Example: Most of you saw 4/12 Khanna’s story disclosing, she said, what was withheld from the N&O’s Mar. 25 fraudulent story featuring the anonymous interview. There was a lot more to the $/12 story which clearly had as its purpose shifting blame for the N&O’s trashing of the lacrosse team onto Mangum.

Before posting on the 4/12 story I wanted to compare it very carefully with the original 3/25 story and what N&O reporters & editors have said about it from 3/25 until now.

I’d started work on that yesterday (Thurs. 4/12) and planned to get a post up on 4/12. A little later on 4/12 I got a call the N&O would have a story today (4/13) based heavily on Mangum’s medical, criminal, psychiatric, and occupational history. Basically I was told the N&O is going to put most of what it’s had for months out there.

You must have seen Craig Jarvis’ “Mangum’s life: conflicts, contradictions.” That was obviously the story folks were talking about.

On 4/12 the info Jarvis supposedly had would influence what I was planning to post re: N&O 3/25 fraud story.

So I laid that post on the N&O’s 3/25 story aside and went to work on another post concerning the N&O’s plans to bar anonymous commenters from commenting at its blogs. I also spent time gathering info on “Vigilante” related events.

But I’m not forgetting the 3/25 story. I just want to be able, when I post on it, to offer you something that’s worth your time reading.

While you wait, a few questions: Khanna is getting the blame for that story but how many editors at a paper the size of the N&O (M-F circu. 160K about; Sun. circu. 190K about; est. yr. avg. revenue: 130 million) worked on that page one, five column wide, above the fold story ? And they all were supposed to approve it, right?

Early Fri. am, 4/13 I finished a post “Joan Foster and Cash Michaels.”

Much later Fri. am, 3/13 I was working on a post comparing current H-S and N&O positions re: Nifong subsequent to Cooper’s statement.

In the midst of that I got a heads up on Charns’ press release and stopped work on the H-S and N&O post to move on Charns.

And there was professional work and family and friends to squeeze in.

I know I’m leaving blog stuff out but you get the idea.

It’s now 1 am Saturday and this blogger needs to go to bed.

But I’ll be back tomorrow.

Meanwhile, thanks to those of you who today and other days help keep the threads civil and thoughtful places.

See you tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Before the Cooper press conference a TV commentator said that Colin Finnerty apparently was not at the party with the dancers and he had electronic receipts to prove it. At the players press conference, Colin's lawyer said something similar when he spoke of Colin's innocence by referring to his alibi. The TV commentator suggested that the strategy was to show that Reade Seligmann had an alibi and this was used for PR purposes and the lawyers wanted to bring up the fact that Colin was at a restaurant with his girlfriend during the party. Have you heard of this? If this is true, the mishandling of the case by Nifong is beyond parody:i.e. he indicted someone who was never at the party.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Liestoppers site. One reader offers to help. John in Carolina fans may want to assist:

The elation of the first victory is still keeping many of us euphoric, especially since we are acknowledged by the legal team as having played a role, however minor, in that victory (nice word, Victory).

Going forward, however there are many things that need to be done in order to try to rectify the distortions of law that have occurred. One of my first posts was an offer to set up some type of computer generated package, a website or a Windows app, that could help the legal team. In it I offered to provide technical help for a back-end SQL Server design to aggregate and classify events or other data. There are very probably on this board members much better qualified to do this than I am, so my offer is one intended to get the ball rolling, if that is the only thing that is needed. I can also offer help in programming in Visual Basic.Net and ASP.Net. (we could put the site on a cd or DVD if state law does not permit communication in the courtroom.)

I would like to renew this offer. I would be glad to offer more information about myself and my qualifications to a group whose intentions are as clear as mine.