Sunday, July 12, 2009

To JinC Regulars

I was traveling for 5 hours today.

When I got home this afternoon, there were emails and VM requiring responses.

I commented on a few threads and will say more tomorrow.

Now I'm heading to Mystery Theater and bed.

But not before I say "thank you" to so many of you who've expressed support.

I've not posted your comments because, IMO, it made more sense to let others have their say first.

I'll say more tomorrow.

In the meantime, did anyone find a posted statement about the "closure" notice at KC Johnson's blog before professor Halkides found it there this morning?

See you in the AM.



Jim in San Diego said...


Please, please reconsider the feud which you started with KC Johnson.

If you re-read my contributions to your blog over many months, you will find a half dozen specific congratulatory memos from me to you about your contribution to justice in Durham and North Carolina.

There was also at least one "thank you" for your Churchill series.

Therefore, please consider my credentials as your strong supporter when I plead with you to stop what appears nothing more worthy than a pissing contest towards a philosophical friend and ally.

There is nothing noble in this. That it should be virtually your swan song is heartbreaking.

Jim Peterson