Saturday, July 18, 2009

Talking To Regulars & Recent Commenters

(This is a post in the old web log tradition of notes for those familiar with the material. Don’t look for links or background explanations.)


My on- and offline email traffic yesterday and today have been heavier than usual.

Some emails are lengthy and deal with sensitive matters which, in part or whole, call for a considered and prompt response.

I’m behind on those emails, but I’ll get to them. Sorry for the delay.

The emails that call for a main page response will get one.

Other emails have been the kind that are usually deleted for the usual reasons.

Regulars know the kind of email comments which get deleted.

If you're new to JinC and don't know, look around. I think you'll understand.

If you don't like a blog that doesn't publish certain things, consider yourself lucky. There are millions of blogs, among which there must be hundreds to your liking.

Tonight or tomorrow morning I’ll post linking to documents that refute sceptical’s unfortunate and prima facie erroneous assertion concerning KC Johnson's and Chris Halkides' hyping of the Charlie’s hoax.

As most of you know, I promised KC Johnson that I’d respond by this weekend to his requests for apologies, admissions of errors, etc.

I plan to have that post up by tomorrow evening.

I’ll try to blog more posts this weekend but no promises.

Right now my intention is to respond to emails by professor Halkides and One Spook after I finish the tasks I’ve just mentioned.

But no promises on that.

You know things happen fast and something else might come up.

To all of you who’ve sent emails or called with expressions of support for my recent blogging, thank you.