Monday, July 13, 2009

KC Johnson Sends An Email

Readers Note: For background to this post you should be familiar with the following posts and their threads:

KC Johnson's "Suggested Panels for the Stone Center,"

Chris Halkides' "John in Carolina's post, 'KC Johnson Now'"

and my posts:

KC Johnson's Response To ":ban:ban:ban:ban:ban:"


Something New At KC Johnson's DIW.



This morning when I started checking email I found the following had arrived during the night.

KC Johnson said...

I had previously submitted this comment, but somehow it did not appear. Knowing the high ethics of the blogger who posts under the pseudonym of "John in Carolina," I'm sure it was accidentally deleted, and that he did not follow a policy of attacking someone in a post and then refusing to allow the attacked party to respond. I therefore took the liberty of reposting it.
[KC didn't repost his comment; at least not at JinC. - - JinC]


To the blogger who posts under the pseudonym of "John in Carolina:"

The item to which you refer is an automatically generated message from the blogger software, which appears whenever anyone attempts to comment in a closed thread (as, I assume, you know from your own experience with blogger software).

It was not written by me, nor is it anything "new." In contrast to the erroneous statement in your post, it does not appear now, nor has it ever appeared, when a reader goes to the following URL: Nor does it appear at the URL:

It only appears when a reader tries to comment, as any reader--including Ms. Foster or, indeed, you--would have discovered anytime after April 27, 2009, at 3.05pm. That is why there were no more comments in the thread.

I would have been delighted to have provided you with this information via email before you wrote your post--but, as we know, your habit on this matter has not been to verify facts before posting.

2:47 AM


Folks, this is the first email I’ve received from KC concerning the Blogger closing message which I first saw only yesterday morning, and which Blogger message professor Halkides first mentioned only yesterday morning.

Had I received KC’s “previously submitted” email, I would have posted it on the comment thread of
Something New At KC Johnson's DIW which is what I did a short while ago with KC's email you see above.

I would also have moved the comment he says he "previously submitted" to the main page to increase the chances of people seeing what KC wrote and my response to it.

On the chance that I might have accidentally deleted an email KC sent, I checked under “Recently Deleted” and found no such email.

Early yesterday morning I sent a comment to professor Halkides for posting. You can find it on the thread of "John in Carolina's post, 'KC Johnson Now'". I said in part:

…There now is posted at the end of the thread: "NEW COMMENTS HAVE BEEN DISABLED FOR THIS POST BY A BLOG ADMINISTRATOR."

But this morning is the first time I saw it.

And you only mentioned it just now.

When did you first see it?

I've received about 20 comments totaling thousands of words defending KC's evolving claims concerning Joan Foster and banning.

Almost all of them made the point KC was really just closing down the thread.

But NOT ONE of those comments mentions the notice you and I found there at DIW this morning.
Folks, I use two computers at home. A number of times before my wife and I left for a trip last Wednesday I used both computers to read the "Suggested Panels for the Stone Center," thread where Joan’s final comment ends with “:ban:ban:ban:ban:ban:” and KC responds "To Joan."

I never at any time saw the Blogger notice at the end of the thread before leaving home last Wednesday after shutting down both computers.

When my wife and I got home yesterday afternoon I turned on the computers. It was then that for the first time I saw on both screens the Blogger notice.

Does anyone know why the Blogger notice didn't show on either screen before we left home last Wednesday, but did show on both screen yesterday, Sunday?

Back on May 24 I posted KC Johnson Now in which I said:
“I think DIW lost something important when KC barred Joan Foster, one of the people who's been most effective from the first in the fight for DL justice.”
KC responded @ 8:59 PM:
I didn't "bar" Ms. Foster; I closed down the thread.
But KC made no mention then of a Blogger notice stating new comments had been disabled.

In the 7 weeks since
KC Johnson Now was posted, no one submitting comments here has mentioned the Blogger notice. Even professor Halkides doesn't mention it in his July 6 "John in Carolina's post, 'KC Johnson Now'" post.


KC wanted his comment posted. I've obliged and provided some context.


KC Johnson said...

It is unclear to me what "email" the blogger who posts under the pseudonym of "John in Carolina" refers: I did not send him an email yesterday, nor did I send one to him today.

I did submit a comment yesterday, and, when that comment wasn't cleared, I took the liberty of resubmitting the comment--noting, as is clear from my wording, that I was sure there was a technical problem with its lack of posting.

I offer this comment merely to correct the factual error in this post regarding my having allegedly sent an email. But, as we all have learned over the course of this bizarre string of posts, it is no longer reasonable to expect factual accuracy from the blogger who posts under the pseudonym of "John in Carolina."