Monday, July 13, 2009

KC Johnson Sends A Comment

Readers Note: Earlier today I posted KC Johnson Sends An Email.

I urge you to read it for the background information it provides for the post which follows.



A short while ago I received via email the following comment:

KC Johnson has left a new comment on your post "KC Johnson Sends An Email":

It is unclear to me what "email" the blogger who posts under the pseudonym of "John in Carolina" refers: I did not send him an email yesterday, nor did I send one to him today.

I did submit a comment yesterday, and, when that comment wasn't cleared, I took the liberty of resubmitting the comment--noting, as is clear from my wording, that I was sure there was a technical problem with its lack of posting.

I offer this comment merely to correct the factual error in this post regarding my having allegedly sent an email. But, as we all have learned over the course of this bizarre string of posts, it is no longer reasonable to expect factual accuracy from the blogger who posts under the pseudonym of "John in Carolina."

Posted by KC Johnson to John In Carolina at 2:51 PM


Folks, this from Blogger’s
How do I moderate comments at my blog? page:

Enabling comment moderation then drops down an email form.

This lets you
moderate comments via email without affecting your regular comment notification setting. It is optional, since you can always moderate comments through the Blogger interface. (bold added)
Because I travel a fair amount I use Blogger’s email option which lets me moderate comments “on the fly” using a laptop in airports, hotel lobbies, etc.

So KC’s comment, like all reader comments, came to me in email form.

KC Johnson’s obviously very angry but I don’t see that in calling what he sent an “email” I did anything terribly wrong, much less “bizarre.”

If in the future I receive in email form a comment from KC, I’ll try to remember when referring to it to say “comment,” not “email.”

As for his sending me his comment twice, as I said in
KC Johnson Sends An Email I received it only once.

KC recently explained his posting an horrendous comment attacking Joan Foster for which he was sharply criticized by saying he'd accidentally hit the
Send button when he meant to hit the Delete button for the comment authored by Debrah.

As regards what he says is the first comment he sent me, perhaps he accidentally hit the
Delete button when he thought he was hitting the Send button.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take seriously anything written by an Obama supporter.
Tarheel Hawkeye

sceptical said...

These new posts are the height of absurdity. I suggest that you, KC, and Joan Foster call a truce before your reputations are further tattered.


KC Johnson said...

Although I hesitate to offer a comment after the high-quality insight by the 8.35pm, I nonetheless delighted to see the blogger who posts under the pseudonym of "John in Carolina" has effectively run a correction for his inaccurate posting that I "sent" him an "email." Sending an email, of course, implies the sending of a message from the user's email account. I had done nothing of the sort.

I'm eagerly awaiting the blogger who posts under the pseudonym of "John in Carolina" running corrections for his other false assertions regarding me (that I banned the very infrequent DIW commenter "Joan Foster"; that the automatically generated blogger message regarding new comments on an April DIW thread was anything "new" as of July.)

I'm sure those corrections will be run in the same warm and generous tone as this correction was.

Anonymous said...

To the Blogger who posts under the pseudonym KC Johnson:

Who cares if the message you sent to J in C was a "comment" or an "e-mail?"

What is the distinction? So what?


Jim in San Diego said...


Shame on you.

Jim Peterson