Thursday, March 05, 2009

Obama Turns Allies Into Bargaining Chips

NRO posts Charles Krauthammer’s comments on Fox' All Stars last night concerning President Obama’s secret letter to Russian president, Dmitri Medvedev proposing a deal on missile defense. TigerHawk follows with a spot on observation.

Krauthammer said - - -

This is smart diplomacy? This is a debacle. The Russians dismissed it contemptuously.

Look, if we could get the Iranian nuclear program stopped with Russian's helping us in return for selling out the Poles and the Czechs on missile defense, I'm enough of a cynic and a realist to say we would do it the same way that Kissinger agreed to de-legitimize and de-recognize Taiwan in return for a large strategic opening with China.

But Kissinger had it done. He had it wired. What happened here is it was leaked.

The Russians have dismissed it. We end up being humiliated.

We look weak in front of the Iranians, and we have left the Poles and Czechs out to dry in return for nothing.

The Czechs and the Poles went out on a limb, exposed themselves to Russian pressure, and we have shown that Eastern Europe is not as sovereign as it appears if the Russian influence is there, and we will acquiesce in what they consider their own sphere of influence.

This administration has prided itself, flattered itself on deploying smart diplomacy.

"Smart diplomacy" is a meaningless idea, but if it has any meaning at all, it is not ever doing something as humiliating, amateurish, and stupid as this.

Now TigerHawk - -

Whatever might be said about Bush era diplomacy, Dubya never sold our allies down the river.

Disagreement is one thing; converting such stalwarts as the Czechs and the Poles into bargaining chips is quite another.

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Anonymous said...

We had no stronger European allies than the Poles and the Czechs. I say that in the past tense on purpose. Amateur Hour is being held daily at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue beginning on January 20, 2009. When he's finished destroying our economy, he will be working on turning our foreign policy into a house of cards.
I wish it weren't so, but it is obvious that the American people were scammed in one of the biggest con games ever perpetrated. Yet we can still see these Obama-worshippers--men and women alike--with that beatific but blank stare as they consume Saint Barack with their eyes. It's the same look we saw in those poor saps who drank Jim Jones' kool-aid. If memory serves, Jones was viewed as the "second coming" just like "the One."
If it weren't for the fact that our national interests are being callously trashed, it would be comical. Next time you see Obama in front of a crowd, look closely at the adoring throng. Look at their eyes and tell me they aren't victims of mass hysteria.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

It took BO four weeks to create this debacle. Imagine all the harm he can do in four years.


JWM said...

To TH,

There are those worshipers out there.

And you're somewhat right to talk of the Poles and Czechs as strong allies in the past tense.

They'll remain allies, but very weary ones who won't go out on the limb for us.

Both countries now know Obama was willing to toss their defense interests aside without even consulting them.

When they learned of Obama's letter it must have come as a punch in the gut.

Both nations have strong memories of being sold out.

The Poles - Yalta.

The Czechs - Munich.


I shudder to think of the next four years; maybe even eight.

Thank you both for commenting.


Anonymous said...

There are other implications to all this. The Germans have made it clear that they want the American military to clear out. The Poles have been willing and eager to have an American presence - or at least up until this present incident. Since the Uzbecks have ordered the Americans out (making the supplying of our military in Iraq and in Afghanistan a much dicier proposition) I am wondering if the aim of the crack foreign policy team is a return to fortress America or will we find ourselves extended on the African continent - drawn into the mess in the Sudan, the problems in Zimbabwe, and the other nations that seem incapable of doing anything except inflict misery on their own citizens.

Anonymous said...

What can you expext from a "community organizer" whose claim to fame, once in the senate, was to vote "present" more often than not. Tough choices - no experience. Foreign policy - no experience. Joe "Gaffe-o-Matic" Biden is off deciding how to spend a trillion in stimulus money, so no help there. "Con game"??? You betcha and the majority of the American electorate fell for it -- hook, line and sinker ... boat, motor and trailer. He is in WAYYYYYY over his head and yes, the next 4 years will be a consumate disaster. I have revised my long term plans to include working until death. My savings won't be there, my social security won't be there, I just hope and pray my job will still be there. Steve in New Mexico

Anonymous said...

Who first reported this letter? Was it a blogger? No. It was a newspaper. The NYT, in fact. It's hilarious to watch the commentary on this blog -- and that's what it is, commentary, not REPORTING as much as you all pretend it is. You're all reacting to something a NEWSPAPER found out. If this were any other thread on this blog, you'd be criticizing the information as untruthful because it came from the NYT. But because you can use the story to validate your own biases, there's no criticism of those "evildoers in the MSM." As I said, hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Impeach Obama.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:51

=>It was a newspaper. The NYT, in fact. It's hilarious to watch the commentary on this blog --<=

I have yet to see anyone on this blog disparage solid news reporting by the NYT, or any other newspaper for that matter. If the Times were to provide unbiased reporting, I would be a paid subscriber. (I used to be one some years ago.)

However, political propaganda, biased articles, sophomoric errors and a condescending attitude have destroyed the NYT. Its a shame.

I do not for a minute think we will ever be devoid of newspapers....the real ones...... ones that deliver the news.


Jim in San Diego said...

Babes in the woods.

It is fundamental diplomatic procedure to make certain such an important proposal is not contemptuously (and, apparently, publicly) refused.

You do this by asking through backchannels, "what would be your reaction to this proposal"? If the backchannel response is, "we would respond constructively", then you go forward.

If not, you do something different.

Who is running this show?

Jim Peterson