Sunday, March 01, 2009

Commenter’s Respond to Holder’s Racial Stereotyping

If you’ve read Obama administration attorney general Eric Holder’s Feb. 18 speech (linked here), you know he believes Americans are “a nation of cowards” because we fail, in his judgment, to openly, fully and freely discuss race.

But JinC posts here, here, and here.

Those posts contain fact-based refutations by Americans and people from overseas who expose the racial stereotyping that oozes throughout Holder's speech.

In this post I want to share parts or all of comments some JinC readers have made concerning what Holder foisted on Americans when he made clear that for him the terms of any discussion about race in America should be predicated on the “blacks are victims; whites are oppressors” mantra.

That's rot!

Commenters are in italics; I respond in plain.

From Tarheel Hawkeye - - -

On Fox News Brit Hume said something quite perceptive on the Holder "coward" pronouncement.

Why isn't there more dialog? Hume posits the reason is because whenever a White person opines on race, the race hustlers immediately pull out the "Racist" label and begin whining about how bad the poor Black people have been treated, blah, blah, blah. ….

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I’m no longer interested in any dialog under Holder's conditions--I don't give a damn about race relations any more. If that makes me a coward, then so be it.

Brit Hume is describing reality and you're not a coward, something I think you know.

You just don’t want to get into what’s not a serious and respectful dialogue, but is instead a “you’re bad and I gotcha” rhetorical exercise.

People of all races set up that kind of “dialogue.”

It’s too bad AG Holder passed on the opportunity to initiate a genuine dialogue.

Lyn said - - -

About the quote Holder lists all those black celebrities - he concluded blacks and Whites alike should be grateful. No thanks Holder.

You, Holder, are not going to call White Americans cowards and then speak for all of us and say we owe black celebrities a debt of gratitude.

My reading of Holder’s speech is that his “nation of cowards” slur didn’t distinguish between blacks and whites.

But overall, his speech certainly did with blacks the “good guys” and “heroes” and whites . . . (you know the rest - - JinC)

The most important point I took from Lyn’s comment is this: did Holder think intelligent Americans would miss his blatant dismissal of the heroic actions by millions of white across the centuries to liberate and in other ways aid their black brothers and sisters?

Anon @ 10:16 - - -

Any time Eric Holder or any other politician of any color wants to "discuss" race relations with me I'm ready. He/She may not like the questions I ask, and I've been called a racist before so that doesn't work anymore either. Let's go, Eric.

I think you know, Anon, Holder won’t join the kind of discussion that would involve consideration of whether, for example, race-preferences are good America.

Who believes Holder will discuss fully and honestly what it tells us about race in America when Jesse Jackson called then Sen. Barack a “n-word;” went on to say he wanted to rip off Obama’s testicles off; and there was no “firestorm of outrage” from the black community,” the PC “hate speech” crowd a/k/a liberals, or the “Anything For Obama” media?

More reader comments on the main page tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you who've commented on Holder's "a nation of cowards" speech.


Anonymous said...

I think we can all be glad that we don't have to attend paries with Mr. Holder.


Anonymous said...

Walter Williams has a great column in the Cincinnati Enquirer (his column always appear on the oped section of the Sunday paper) in which he castigates Holder for his speech.
"Attorney General's flawed thinking is widespread whereby people think that that an activity that is not racially integrated is therefore segregated. Blacks are about 60% of teh Washington D.C. population. At the Reagan National Airport, which serves D.C., nowhere near 60% of the airport's water fountain users are black; I'd guess that balcks are never more than 5% of users. THe population statistics of states shuch as South Dakota, Iowa, Maine, Montana, and Vermont show that not even 1% of their populations are black. Does that mean Reagan National Airport water fountains and South Dakota, Iowa, Maine, Montana, and Vermont are racially segregated? If Holder does anything about 'volunatry segregation' at the state level, I hope it's not court ordered busing; I's mot wild about their winters. Just because some activity is not racially integregated does not mean that it is racially segregated."
He concludes by stating "If black people continue to accept the corrupt blame game agenda of liberal whites, black politicians, and assorted hustlers, as opposed to accepting personal responsibility, the future for many black Americans will remain bleak."

Anonymous said...

I would love to attend a party with Mr. Holder and hope that he would be excited to talk with me about race in America. I am so glad that he wants some open dialog and would be so happy to share with him. Freely. And right to the point.
I suspect that Mr. Holder would be a heck of a lot less interested in the free flow of ideas about race that I would. He would be rapidly retreating to his ramparts of defensiveness.
It is the liberals who are cowards about matter of race in America. They need the fiction of discrimination and oppression to maintain political control.
One day we will confront the racist institutions in America. I don't think Mr. Holder will enjoy the confrontation.