Monday, March 02, 2009

Holder's "Coward's" Speech's Breath-taking Hypocrisy

JinC Regular cks says - - -

What I found most breath-taking in the Holder speech was its hypocrisy. A reading of his speech reveals that it is only blacks (and at that only selected ones) who were courageous in their efforts to end the barriers between whites and blacks.

Why was there no mention of William Lloyd Garrison, abolitionist and publisher of The Liberator, or his daughter, Fanny Garrison Villard, one of the founders of the NAACP or her grandson, Oswald Garrison Villard, editor of the New York Post who advocated for equal rights?

Where was his mention of the Grimke sisters of South Carolina or any of the many abolitionists who suffered much at the hands of those who opposed them? What about the many nameless yet nonetheless committed whites who over the years have worked tirelessly for civil rights for all? They were hardly cowards....

I would ask Mr. Holder this - why is it that African Americans need to be singled out for special preferences? Asians, in particular Koreans and Indians, have suffered particularly at the hands of blacks in whose neighborhoods they have established businesses.

Why was there no calling out of those who feel a sense of entitlement today because their ancestors were once slaves? My paternal ancestors came to this country to escape warfare and starvation in Europe in the 1850's. They never used the discrimination that they suffered as an excuse. They worked hard and lived life on he margins.

Perhaps if African American leaders would preach and practice personal responsibility rather than offer excuses for those many African-American young men who find earning an honest living too "white" and those young women who feel that unmarried and pregnant a mark of one's womanhood, the racial climate in this country would change.

However, as long as African Americans view themselves as victims and all whites as the slave masters, nothing will really change.

Thank you, cks.

Speaking of hypocrisy - - -

One of the most revealing moments in the 2008 presidential campaign occurred when America's best known "civil rights leader," Rev. Jesse Jackson, unaware he was talking into a live mike and before a taping TV camera, used the n-word and said he was so angry he wanted to rip off then Sen. Barack Obama testicals.

What had Obama done to so upset Jackson?

In a Father's Day address before a largely black congregation, Obama said a great many African-American males needed to take their fatherhood more seriously.

Fox News caught it all.

And where was "the firestorm of outrage" from our white liberal friends and our black friends?

I didn't hear anything much.

Did you?


Ken said...

The lapdog media is all in favor of racism so long as it isn't white racism directed at blacks. Any minority racism is to be encouraged.

Wright said...

I agree with your correspondent except his use of the term breathtaking. It's not breathtaking, it's just business as usual, and that's what makes it so sad.

Anonymous said...

That's DiW favorite phrase.

Anonymous said...