Monday, February 23, 2009

Raleigh N&O Takes A Cheap Shot At U.S.

McClatchy reporter Tim Johnson’s story today in the liberal/leftist Raleigh News & Observer's print edition begins - - -

She has talked about love. She has recycled advice. She has ripped into conservatives on the Supreme Court. And she has held chatty town hall sessions.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is bringing a new style to the post of America's chief diplomat. In her first overseas trip, a weeklong tour through Asia, Clinton rewrote the rulebook, using gravitas with foreign leaders but leading a free-wheeling, campaignlike (sic) effort to mend what she says is a tattered U.S. image, prod people into saving energy and serve as empowerment coach for women around the globe. …

The rest of Johnson’s story’s here.

My comments:

Calling reporter Johnson’s story gushy is an understatement. By the end of it, I was wondering if he doesn’t daydream of secretary Clinton looking at him and saying, “Well sure, Tim, you can carry my bags.”

Maybe it’s that “gravitas” Johnson says wafts from Clinton.


But there was at least one thing in the story that Johnson handled the way a fair and experienced reporter would: He made the proper and very important qualification when he wrote of Clinton’s “effort to mend what she says is a tattered U.S. image[.]” (emphasis added)

But editors at McClatchy’s N&O couldn’t pass up what they saw as an opportunity to take a shot at the U.S. So the N&O gave Johnson’s story the headline:

Clinton chatty, trying to repair U.S. image


Anonymous said...


Heads up on another story. On the Fox News site there is a report that a Baltimore television (or was it radio)reporter was fired (or perhaps allowed to resign) for doctoring a clip by Fox's John Gibson that had him refering to Eric Holder's private parts when in fact he was referring to a member of the primate kingdom. Supposedly the reporter thought it would be funny. Gibson is looking into legal action.