Thursday, February 26, 2009

Holder’s “Cowards” Speech: Overseas Commenters Respond

On Feb. 18 Obama administration attorney general Eric Holder, who secretly helped craft Dem mega-contributor and fugitive Marc Rich’s pardon granted by then President Bill Clinton, delivered his “nation of cowards” speech at the Department of Justice’s African American History Month Program.

Holder's speech is here with all its platitudinous, race-preference rhetoric included.

I posted in response Holder's "A Nation of Cowards" Speech: First Take.

On the thread of that post, JinC readers responded with an extremely thoughtful series of comments.

Most of what they’ve said needs to be in the editorial columns of our leading newspapers but won't appear in them.

Instead, most MSM newspaper editorials have replayed and amplified Holder’s “nation of cowards” theme while backing away from noting and commenting on the attorney general’s unspoken but glaringly obvious “I have a race preference” theme.

But in one way or another every JinC commenter has picked up on Holder’s race-preference theme.

Beginning tonight and continuing for the next few days I’ll be posting on the main page part or all of readers' comments on the thread as of 9 PM ET tonight.

Following the “guests go first” custom, I’ll start with comments from Danvers in South Africa and Scott in Australia.

Switching the usual JinC format, Danvers’ and Scott’s comments are in plain; my comments are in italics.

Danvers commented - - -

As a non-American, I am constantly amazed at how AA's seem to have a stranglehold on the greater American population.

The most recent example is the NY Post's 'chimpanzee cartoon' and the pseudo-outrage of the usual suspects.

It is hilarious or amusing, depending on whether you are a Democrat or a Republican when GWB is likened to a chimpanzee or monkey on countless occasions, in print or on screen.

It is a matter of the utmost seriousness when the drafter(s) of the "Stimulus Bill" (Pelosi/Franks) are compared to a chimp - an instant case of racism directed against Obama.

The double standards are breathtaking!

Slavery in the US, however much a crime against humanity it was, is, or will be in the future, died in 1863. Civil rights for AAs were guaranteed by the US congress in 1964 and 1965, by my calculation about 45 years ago.

Yet 45 years later, the greater US population still allows itself to be held to ransom by a rabid 10%.


AAs have to know by now that they are the masters of their own destiny and have to quit using the serious, but historic, wrong of slavery and discrimination as an excuse for a breakdown in their culture and society, and the lack of individual advancement.

Compare the whinings of an Al Sharpton or a Jesse Jackson, with the real constructive achievements of Nelson Mandela or Desmond Tutu.

Compare the seditious ravings of Louis Farrakhan with the dogged determination of Morgan Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe.

Even here in South Africa, the country with arguably the most serious case of systematic racial abuse since the Second World War, Black South Africans, by their own volition, have either lost or are rapidly losing their status as "Victims".

The vast majority of Americans I have spoken to over the years, quite rightly feel no guilt over the wrongs of their forefathers.

Why therefore, does it seem that any AA with an axe to grind can do the 'race hustle' and get instant and cringing attention from the White American population?

There is a programme on British TV called "Who Do You Think You Are" that traces the lineage of British celebrities as far back as records allow.

One episode featured Ainsley Herriot, a popular TV chef of Jamaican descent.
In the first half of the programme his Mother's ancestors were traced back through to the early slaves in Jamaica. There was much anguish as a distraught Herriot bemoaned his fate as the descendent of the slaves in this line of his family.

In the second half of the programme the lineage of his Father was also traced... to prominent slave owners in Jamaica

Dead Silence!!

The lesson I suppose, is that no one is responsible for the actions of their ancestors.

Scott in Australia responded - - -

Danvers. Well said.

As another non-American I too am amazed at race relations in the US.

But more and more I understand it, seeing where Australia is going with its own issues with the whole 'stolen generation' of Aboriginals. The dollars upon dollars spent which usually go no where, all from some guilt for something horrible (and the extent of that is highly debatable) that I had no part in.

The past is the past, live in the present. Be honest and look to yourself before pointing your fingers at someone else.

Folks, you may have noticed Danvers commented again on the thread but not in specific response to Scott. So I’m not including Danvers’ second comment here.

It’s a pity we won’t find in most MSM editorial columns what Danvers and Scott have said.

I'll leave it at that tonight and be back posting and commenting tomorrow.

Meanwhile, your civil, thoughtful comments are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

JinC - A head's up. KC johnson posted Stuart Taylor's piece on Holder's speech on his site DIW this morning. It is powerful.