Sunday, February 22, 2009

Harvard’s Faust Takes Students’ Questions. Where’s Duke’s Brodhead?

Under the headline – Faust Addresses UC Meeting – The Harvard Crimson recently reported - - -

University President Drew G. Faust addressed a crowd of inquisitive students at last night’s Undergraduate Council meeting, fielding questions on subjects ranging from the University’s response to the current financial crisis to the Reserve Officer Training Corps’ absence from campus.

“I thought she was really open with the students,” said Andrea R. Flores ’10, who officially assumed the position of UC president at yesterday’s meeting. . . .

The rest of The Crimson’s story’s here.

What The Crimson reports Faust said is stated in general terms and amounts to “weak tea.”

I wouldn’t hazard a guess as to the actual substance and qualifiers in Faust's answers.

Also, The Crimson doesn’t report whether the meeting was for UC members only or open to any undergraduate student.

Still, I finished the article asking myself: When was the last time Duke’s President Richard Brodhead submitted to questions from undergrads in an open forum with the press covering it?

Do you know?

By the way: What’s Brodhead been doing recently besides meeting in secret with “top” trustees and his attorney’s?

Why hasn't Duke’s Chronicle’s editorial board urged Brodhead to make himself available to all undergrads and their questions in an open and press-reported forum?