Thursday, February 26, 2009

Butler & Rickards Are Back For Duke

There’s great news for people who love Duke and don't confuse its best interests with the interests of President Brodhead, BOT Chair Steel and the other Duke defendants in the civil suits brought by former Duke students and family members victimized by the hoax, attempted frame-up and ongoing cover-up.

Former Chronicle columnist Kristin Butler (T '08) and Ed Rickards (T’63 & Law ’66), the 1963 Chronicle editor-in-chief, have just started a blog True Blue.

Here in full is True Blue’s "Introduction" post:

Welcome to our blog! We hope to provide information and analysis that will empower students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni to participate more fully in the governance of Duke.

Some of our posts will be long because our material is very detailed. We will often post original documents. We will tell our readers when we seek information and cannot get it.

When we wrote a joint column in The Chronicle in the fall semester, President Brodhead and Executive Vice President Trask refused our requests for interviews. Vice President for PR Michael Schoenfeld said we were entitled to public reports -- and no help in understanding them.

In this antagonistic atmosphere which some administrators created and continue, we do our best to carefully source all information.

You are encouraged to post comments: click on the title above our post, in this case the word "Introduction." Or click on the word "Comments" at the end. We welcome your thoughts indeed.

Our URL is and our e-mail for additional feedback and tips is

After their "Introduction" Butler and Rickards get right at it with a post report:
"Duke has now lost $3 BILLION in financial crisis."

Give that post a read, including the note appended at the end which begins:

"the preparation of the above report was made more difficult by the Brodhead Administration's failure -- unprecedented in Trinity College and Duke University history -- to produce an annual report for the 2007-2008 school year[.]"
To Kristin and Ed - - Welcome to the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

This is very good news. Now Kristen and Ed don't have to rely on the Chronicle to publish. Welcome indeed!!

Walter Abbott

Jim in San Diego said...

There has never been a satisfactory explanation why Duke alumni have let the Brodhead administration and the Steel BoT get away with it.

A credible, skilled reporter with impeccable True Blue credentials is now on the scent.

This may be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Good luck.

Jim Peterson

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that Kristin will learn of the need for "comment moderation" on her blog.

She will be accused of suppressing those with dissident thoughts, but moderation is the only way to prevent trolls from overwhelming a site with their vulgarity.

God bless you, Kristin.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the good news about the Butler/Rickards blog.

Look forward to adding them to 'must read' list for accurate information.


Anonymous said...

Have already added True Blue to my favorites. I am sure that the news of the blog was not greeted with cheers and high fives in certain offices on the Duke campus.