Friday, January 02, 2009

Liberal/Leftist Editor Meets Citizen Journalist

Katrina vanden Heuval, editor of the liberal/leftist The Nation ended 2008 with a column titled “The Trillion Dollar Recovery.”

After references to “record numbers of people … relying on food stamps” and claiming there’s already evidence the recession is “increasing rates of child abuse and domestic violence” vanden Heuval tells readers - - -

We don't need a stimulus, we need a recovery. And that means investing $1 trillion over the next two years.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) has proposed a plan to do just that--a detailed $1 trillion recovery plan to kick start the economy, invest in sustainable, long term growth and target individuals and communities that are most desperate for resources.

Obama political adviser David Axelrod said this weekend that the new Administration is looking at a stimulus bill in the range of $675 to $775 billion over two years. But is that enough at this moment of metastasizing economic pain and deepening recession?

Not according to CPC Co-Chair, Representative Lynn Woolsey of California, who said, "...anything much less than $1 trillion would be like trying to put out a forest fire with a squirt gun."

Vanden Heuval’s entire column’s here.

Immediately following it, citizen journalist YourJomamma comments - - -

This recommendation is nothing more than transfer payments... Another form of a government check.

Nothing of this spending will help grow the economy or improve the atmosphere for economic recovery. All this is nothing more than spending other peoples money, money not yet generated and money not created as wealth. None of the spending is creating wealth and creating wealth is what is needed to generate more capital.

Cutting expenses when money is tight is the correct solution but we will never see that occur. The same people who set up the conditions and the events of the economic crash are now being put in charge of "fixing" it. I can't wait for the healthcare plans. (emphasis added)

Cutting taxes, letting the bad business fail and regrouping in the natural market is the solution we will never see and more government spending is what we will get, along with the largest deficits known to man... make Iraq look cheap.

And it will not help, work, or stop the problem... We will become what ALGORE always wanted...we will become stagnant like Japan for 10 years as no wealth will be created to grow ourselves out of our troubles...just government spending and printing.


My comments:

You can take a look at vanden Heuval’s column and YourJomamma’s comment here.

One following the other on "the same page" provides a nice graphic example of how the Internet is helping "level the playing field."


Anonymous said...

OTR but interesting:
Former Asst Secretary of the Navy in the Clinton administration, Wade Sanders, recently pleaded guilty in Federal Court to possession of child pornography. You may remember during the 2004 election, Sanders was one of John Kerry's few supporters.
Sanders was a Swiftboat skipper and a contemporary of Kerry and when the Swiftboat Veterans For Truth confronted Kerry with facts about his "heroism" in Vietnam, Sanders became a standard fixture in Kerry's public appearances. He was also a shameless pawn for the leftwing campaign to denigrate and villify George Bush.
Sanders says his possession of child porn was all a "misunderstanding," but he decided to enter the guilty plea because he's just a regular guy.
Hey Kerry! How's that Sanders endorsement working out??
Happy New Year, y'all!
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...

In the Atlanta area, we have a de facto competition between these two approaches. The 'Atlanta Journal Constitution,' the 'big' (but rapidly shrinking) metro daily generally allows no comments on articles. When comments are enabled, they are tightly moderated. Letters to the Editor are confined to 150 words.

With the much smaller 'Marietta Daily Journal,' you can comment on ANY article that appears on their site. Comments are moderated but very lively.

Guess which one I look at first in the morning?


Anonymous said...

Fox News just reported that "a Connecticut Legislator" has asked for a government bail-out for newspapers!!
Tarheel Hawkeye