Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Church of England & “the needy” Al Gore org

At Church of England services I’ve attended, congregations are typically urged to “open your hearts and give generously to the needy.”

“The needy” I recall the clerics mentioning include “those in this very city who will go to bed hungry tonight,” “victims of the Iraq invasion,” and “people who’ve come here fleeing persecution and been denied health care and housing; some even threatened with deportation.”

But I’ve never heard any C of E cleric urge anything like the following reported at Religious Intelligence - - -

The Church of England’s Church Commissioners have gone green, investing £150 million with former US Vice-President Al Gore’s environmentally minded investment firm, Generation Investment Management.

On Nov 18 the First Church Estates Commissioner, Andreas Whittam Smith reported that in late September the Commissioners had placed the funds with Gore’s boutique management firm which follows an “environmentally sustainable global equities mandate.”

Funding for the investment came from “cash and Treasury bills”, he said, and not from the sale of UK equities as initially planned. …

The rest of the story’s here.