Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some gays engage in shakedown thuggery

From today’s Wall Street Journal - - -

Soon after California's passage of a initiative banning same-sex marriage last month, dozens of gay activists descended on the El Coyote restaurant with signs and placards. They chanted "Shame on you," cussed at patrons and began a boycott of the cafe.

The restaurants's crime: A daughter of the owner donated $100 to support Proposition 8, the antigay-marriage initiative approved by voters.

Gay activists have refused to lift the boycott -- which restaurant managers say has slashed revenues by 30% -- even after some El Coyote employees raised $500 to help repeal the new ban.

The boycotters have demanded that the owner's daughter, El Coyote manager Marjorie Christoffersen, pony up $100 to help repeal Prop 8. She tearfully declined, citing her Mormon faith, during a raucous meeting with activists.

"You are not my friend if you take my civil rights," one activist shouted before she fled the room. …

The entire WSJ story’s here.


The most telling word in the WSJ story is “Mormon”

The boycotters wouldn’t be at the El Coyote restaurant if the owner’s daughter was a Muslim or African-American or both.

Muslims and African-Americans in overwhelming numbers supported Proposition 8.

Yet you don’t read of gays disrupting the businesses of Muslims and African-Americans.

And do you know of a single instance of gays disrupting a black church or Muslim religious service as they have Mormon services?

Something else: The “boycott” described in the WSJ story is not the peaceful picketing and economic boycotting that’s every Americans right.

It’s shakedown thuggery.

Where are the government protections for Mormons now targeted by angry, disruptive and violence-prone gays?

In America, Mormons are entitled to the same protections as African-Americans, Muslims and the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

No one is more close-minded than someone who claims that his rights are being denied. Such a person refuses to see that there might be a reason why someone holds a particular position. Gays refuse to understand that there are those who have deep-seated religious views that preclude accepting homosexuality as a lifestyle that should be applauded - just as there are those who regard abortion as wrong or state-sanctioned killings as evil. Mormons have taken the place of evangelicals as the poster children for al that is evil in terms of beliefs.
While I disagree with the incoming president on any of a number of issues, I do beliee that he understands that this country is composed of people with many different beliefs and of many different backgrounds. No one should be demonized because of his beliefs and if anything is to be accomplished, there has to be an uinderstanding that in a democracy, there will always be a divergence of beliefs. WHat is important is that there be the willingness to sit down and discuss things in a rational manner. Obviously, those gays in California who engaged in the thuggery described in the WSJ would be happier in a police state where only one view is allowed.

Anonymous said...

Any thing that you have to ask the government for permission to do is not a right.

JWM said...

To cks,

Re: " No one should be demonized because of his beliefs and if anything is to be accomplished, there has to be an understanding that in a democracy, there will always be a divergence of beliefs."

I'd describe the hellish behavior of people like the Nazis and today's extremist Muslim fundamentalists in demon terms.

The last part of your sentence gets to the essence of democracy.



JWM said...

To Anon @ 2:18,

Sorry to have skipped over you.

We have a right to peacefully assemble guaranteed in the Constitution but we often have to ask the government for a parade permit or the terms including places and numbers where we can picket.

Thanks for a comment that made me and I'm sure others think.