Sunday, December 07, 2008

Voters freeze out Congre$$man Jeffer$on

From the AP - - -

…Indicted Democratic U.S. Rep. William Jefferson was ousted Saturday from his New Orleans area district, while Republicans narrowly held on to the seat vacated by a retiring incumbent. …

The entire story’s here.

It’s great news and I couldn’t resist the post title.


Anonymous said...

By freezing out Jefferson, the voters of Louisiana sent a message - no more politics as addition, his defeat means that that district will be represented by a Republican - a woman who is a Vietnamese immigrant. This shows once again that the Republicans are committed to pushing forward in their attempts to demonstrate that the GOP is more than a party of old white men.

JWM said...

Dear cks,

Cao's a man.

I always appreciate your comments which add to this blog.



Anonymous said...

The Title is appropriate; Jefferson is known as $Bill


Anonymous said...

JWM - thank you for the correction - our local news reorter siad that the Jefferson's replacement was a female - I should have checked for myself as the reporting around here is often suspect!


Anonymous said...

The voters did what Pelosi & crew wouldn't do.

Anonymous said...

"Cold Cash" Jefferson has been festering for some time. If he had been a Republican, he would have disappeared long ago.

Anonymous said...

As I see politics, when a Republican gets caught doing something corrupt, the party puts pressure on the miscreant to resign; when a Democrat gets caught doing something corrupt, the party locks shields and defends the miscreant no matter what. We saw it with Bill Clinton's dalliances in the Oval Office, with Barney Frank's gay whorehouse episode, with Jefferson's "cold cash" problem, ad nauseum. This is about the only real difference between the two groups. I'm glad I'm a Libertarian.
Tarheel Hawkeye