Friday, December 12, 2008

The Churchill Series - Dec. 12, 2008

A short post today I hope starts your weekend with a smile.

In 1950 then Sgt.(later Inspector) Edmund Marray of Scotland Yard was assigned as Churchill’s principal bodyguard. Murray remained in that position for the rest of Churchill’s life and, like just about everyone who worked with him, grew to like and admire Churchill.

In 1992, in remarks before the International Churchill Society, Murray told the following story:

On one occasion, apparently in the Cabinet Room, [Ministers] were discussing the defence of the Empire — yes, we once had one — and the question of the protection of the Virgin Islands arose. One of the Ministers present asked, "Where the hell are the Virgin Islands?" A very sharp remark came from the PM: "A bloomin’ long way from the Isle of Man, I hope!"
I wish you all a good weekend and am keeping those of you in the Notheast hit by the storm and without power in my thoughts.

Inspector Murray’s remarks are hosted here at the Churchill Centre’s site.