Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Take a quick Duke quiz

It’s short (one question) and you can immediately check your answer.

Here goes - - -

What three things do the following four men have in common?

Bob Steel, Richard Wagoner, John Mack, Alan Schwartz.


1) All are members of Duke’s board of trustees.

2) All have led major companies as CEO’s

Steel - Wachovia

Wagoner -- GM

Mack-- Morgan Stanley

Schwartz-- Bear Stearns

3) All four companies have collapsed or are near collapse.

A blog friend who sent the above information added:

I expect that the recent investment results of Duke's endowment ( if they ever release them ) will be terrible . It will be interesting to see how the results compare with those of other comparable universities.

The BOT did not perform too well during the lacrosse incident either.
No, Duke’s BOT didn’t perform too well during the lacrosse incident.

And it’s not performing too well now unless your definition of “performing well” includes keeping President Brodhead and “Dick’s senior team” in place and raising their salaries while stonewalling alums asking for explanations of Duke’s disgraceful actions and inactions during the Hoax and frame-up periods and the now ongoing cover-up of what happened then at Duke University and DUMC.


Anonymous said...

Boomers at Play

Anonymous said...

Incompetents always seem to find each other.

Anonymous said...

Incompetents always seem to find each other.

Anonymous said...


You can delete my second (repetition) of my first comment. I thought that I had neglected to hit the publish your comment button when I went on to a another item of interest to read. After a long day of yrsvhing America's youth, my brain sometimes just shuts down!
Also, will be interested to see your take on the events in Illinois. I hope that the Obamas are not involved in any way in this mess (or any of their top peoples) however, given the nature of Chicago/Illinois politics I am afraid that that will not be the case. The real question for the mainstram media (especially those who have fawned over the Obamas) will be to what extent they will dig hard to uncover the various strands (tentacles) that the story has. How much do you want to bet that MSNBC and THe New York TImes will be absent on this one?

Anonymous said...

The BOT did not fulfill its independent oversight responsibilities in the lacrosse incident. As a result, the lives of the lacrosse players and their families , particularly those indicted , were turned upside down. The BOT's actions/inactions have already, and will continue to , cost Duke dearly --- in terms of its reputation , reduced alumni contributions, and the tens of millions of dollars it will spend on settlements and legal services defending its reprehensible behavior.


Anonymous said...

Can't Duke do better than the trustees it has now?

Borrowing from Dick Brodhead - "Whatever they did was bad enough."

Duke '85

Anonymous said...

You forgot Roy Bostock '62 current Chairman of Yahoo, he is currently taking credit of the early advice to the BOT.