Friday, December 12, 2008

Lon. Times: Democracy challenges the EU

An editorial in today’s Times of London points out: The EU has many challenges, chief among them understanding democracy.

The editorial continues - - -

Brian Cowen, the Taoiseach [Gaelic title for Ireland’s PM], has told his fellow European leaders that he does not intend to take “no” for an answer from Ireland's voters.

Instead he has committed himself, a second time, to seeking ratification of the Lisbon treaty that they rejected by 53.4 per cent to 46.6 per cent six months ago.

Mr Cowen could have disgraced himself more thoroughly by ignoring Ireland's first referendum on the Lisbon treaty altogether. But his decision to heed European blandishments rather than his own citizens' ballots still shows, as the leader of the Irish “no” campaign has said, contempt for the democratic process.

It is also a grave and unnecessary indictment of the EU's current priorities, which in more outward-looking eras have unquestionably been a force for good. If a second Irish referendum on the Lisbon treaty does take place, it deserves to be resoundingly rejected once again….

The rest of the editorial’s here.

Following on the same “page” as the LT editorial is R. Mason of London’s “editorial” - - -

The treaty makes EU law superior to national laws, creates an army, police force, empowers it to deal with third countries, run industrial, agricultural, policy, etc. Everything a state should do except have a government chosen by its citizens.

A little further down the thread Jan from Sussex, UK reminds UK voters - - -

At least Ireland got a vote. We were promised one, but our inept and cowardly PM doesn't keep his promises.


I visit the UK about twice a year and EU countries almost as often.

Most Brits I talk to are very dissatisfied with PM Gordon Brown’s Labour government.

A phase I hear over and over: “Labour’s lost the country.”

It comes not just from Conservatives and Liberals, but Laborites as well.

As for the EU, if I had to sum up in one word what I hear about it from citizens of EU countries I’d say, “disappointment.”

An uncritical or mildly enthusiastic EU supporter is a “rare bird.”