Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rare for Indians to carry guns

In a SpiegelOline International Mumbai commentary the following left me thinking how rare it is for Indian civilians to carry guns, something I’m sure the terrorists took into account when they planned their raid.

They walked the streets in pairs and killed anything that moved.

They slaughtered dozens of people in the train station, moving platform to platform.

They killed random passersby on the streets. They dropped in on a famous café and massacred everyone they could.

They shot down an old couple who had looked out their window to see what was going on.

They blasted people eating in restaurants.

They took over two of the city's most famous hotels and hunted down people room to room in hotels, some of whom managed to survive for days before being murdered. ...
The entire article’s here.


Ex-prosecutor said...

In the southern state where I live, our CDW law would have permitted only some of the victims to carry pistols. Here, the terrorists would have gotten return fire on the streets and, perhaps from the old couple looking out of their window.

Customers in the cafe and restaurant could not legally have carried pistols if liquor was consumed on the premises.

Likewise, travelers at the train station could not have been armed since trains are public conveyances. The hotel guests who had arrived by train or plane could not have carried pistols because of their means of travel.

Anonymous said...

An armed society is a polite society.
Tarheel Hawkeye