Monday, December 01, 2008

A good news report

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Victim shoots man during robbery try
Holdup suspect tells police he was hit by gang of men

The News Journal

An armed robber who tried to stick up a man Monday night ended up getting shot when the victim pulled out his own gun, police said.

The would-be bandit later told police he was shot by a gang of men who tried to rob him.

The initial holdup happened at 5:45 p.m. in the first block of Chesterfield Drive in Garfield Park, north of New Castle, said Cpl. Trinidad Navarro, a New Castle County police spokesman.

While officers were on their way there, they got another call from the same vicinity about a man who said he was wounded by men who tried to rob him, Navarro said.

Officers talking to the first victim were told that he was taking items out of his car when two men walked up to him and stuck an object he believed to be a gun in his side.

The 37-year-old victim said he thought the assailants were going to shoot him, so he pulled out his own 9 mm handgun and fired one round at them.

The victim wasn't sure whether he hit anyone but heard a loud moan. He then saw the two would-be robbers run in the direction of Bizarre Drive.

Officers who later interviewed the wounded 18-year-old at a home on Bizarre Drive were told he was shot by a group of men who attempted to rob him on Briarcliff Drive.

The man, who suffered a gunshot wound to the upper chest, was reported in stable condition at Christiana Hospital.

Officers investigating the first case on Chesterfield Road recovered the gun from the victim who had placed it in a safe place.

Investigators are now holding the gun as evidence while they continue to investigate, Navarro said.

No charges have been filed pending the outcome of the investigation.

Anyone with information may call Detective Thomas Abram at 395-8110 or Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333.

It’s a shame a peaceful citizen is set up to be a crime victim. Thank goodness he had a gun with which to defend himself and others who the would be robbers might have targeted later that night.


My favorite comment on the story thread - - -

What a heartwarming story for the Holiday Season. It is people like this man that was being robbed that show the generosity to share a bullet with a robber that make this country great. God Bless him.

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Anonymous said...

While a state senator in Illinois, our next president was against concealed carry permits for Illinois residents. He also supported prosecution of homeowners who shot criminals who were burglarizing/robbing.
There is absolutely no disputing the fact that jurisdictions with concealed carry laws experience far less crime than those jurisdictions where only the police and the criminals carry firearms--and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. And any cop who supports more gun laws has no business in law enforcement.
Tarheel Hawkeye

Anonymous said...


This year I've asked Santa to bring me a Beretta M9/Model 92FS 9mm with deluxe walnut grips.


Anonymous said...

The guy deserves some kind of prize.

Maybe one of those Beretta M9's I know Santa will give Ken and everyone else who's serious about defending themselves.

Anonymous said...

Life member.