Sunday, November 30, 2008

Attention Sen. Reid: Iraq War wasn’t lost

Investors Business Daily reminds us of that - - -

Nineteen months after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared the war "lost," a freely elected Iraqi Parliament signs a security pact with the United States. We won. It is the terrorists and their appeasers who lost.

While Americans sat down for Thanksgiving dinner deciding what they were thankful for, the Iraqi parliament Thursday passed an agreement with the U.S. that set a date certain for American withdrawal, as war critics wanted. But it was based on conditions on the ground, as the Bush administration insisted.

The conditions on the ground are that the jihadists are a spent force that lost the war as well as the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.

Province after province has been returned to Iraqi control, and the young Iraqi nation appears both willing and able to defend itself. . . .

The entire IBS editorial's here.

Iraq still has a long struggle ahead before it secures the domestic peace typical of a stable democracy.

It will certainly come under attack from terrorists bent on destabilizing the country and increasing their own power.

It exists in a very rough part of the world where neighbors are often enemies.

It has an ethnically fractious population.

Corruption is a major problem that will hold back economic growth so essential to domestic peace and the ability of the country to arm and defend itself.

With all of that in mind, I can’t bring myself to says simply, “It’s over. We won.”
There are tough days and severe trial ahead of Iraq.

But it has a chance to become a functioning democracy with all the good that can be for its people, the Middle East and the world.

I wish the new Iraq well.

For President Bush, General Petraeus and our magnificent forces serving there and their families, my admiration and three full-throated cheers.

What about Sen. Reid? Has anyone heard from him lately?


Anonymous said...

Reid is a despicable little worm who would destroy his own nation for the sake of defeating the incumbent president. A man who values political power more than his own country's success is a moral and ethical septic tank. Even though I didn't vote for Barack Obama and I don't think he is qualified for the office, I earnestly hope he succeeds in bringing our country together and solving the economic issues which confront us. We can have principled disagreement without becoming vicious attack dogs like Reid.
Tarheel Hawkeye