Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What will Obama do?

Please take a look at this ad.

Now what do you think Sen. Obama will do?

I say he has no choice but to say he supports the Senate resolution.

However, the net effect of the resolution and this ad is to remind people Obama opposed the surge, something he'd rather everyone forgot as he prepares to become Commander-in-Chief and start giving orders to General Petraeus.

Hat tip: AC


Anonymous said...

I only looked at the video because you asked. I am only commenting because you asked.

I think the Senate and the House waste too much of our time and money on superficial politics. One of the things they do is parade around political resolutions. It is fine for individuals to have political ideas, facts, positions, debate, about the surge for example, but when these political resolutions come up a very complex issue is distilled into just another us against them situation. It is framed so that politicians must vote for the patriotic answer. These kinds of resolutions - from the left or the right, squash debate, hush criticism, and the only acceptable vote is a patriotic vote, making the issues surrounding the way the war was conducted to be simple, uncomplicated, shallow, not worth discussing because any criticism is labeled unpatriotic. These kinds of resolutions are pure politics and have nothing to do with informed discussion or debate.

I think the video is vapid. The men say they have seen the surge, have seen it work. That is fine - what did they see? How did it work? How many of the enemy were killed? How many innocents were killed? I believe the war, any war, should be presented realistically to the American people, not with sanitized pictures, not without mention of the human costs, the numbers dead and wounded enemy, numbers of dead and wounded civilians, children, our own dead and wounded men and women, the costs involved in dollars of waging the war, the costs involved in rebuilding after the war. A Senate resolution over the surge seems silly and insulting. It is just politics and government spinning their wheels.

As far as Obama or anybody else giving orders to General Petraeus is concerned, I noted that When President Bush finally began to publicly cave to the Iraq demand for a definite time table for the American pull out General Petraeus was quoted with statements against what the President had said. I believe it is not the job of a soldier to contradict his civilian Commander in Chief. It is not the General's job to set our national foreign policy, and it is wrong for him to disagree with that policy in public. I would have liked to see the President fire Petraeus just for that.